Deadly Karma

Deadly Karma

Bullied in High School, Sammy Harris ends up in a mental institution for five years. Now, five years later, his old classmates are dying one at a time.

A group of high school teens push a sociopath peer too far and 5 years later their battle comes to the show down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (us) wrote: Not as good as the original.

Jacob B (br) wrote: Though A Million Ways to Die in the West probably won't appeal to all tastes, the film's big laughs and talented cast including Seth MacFarlane where he finally has a major onscreen role as a human being rather than a motion-captured vulgar CGI teddy bear are often more than enough to keep anyone who loved Family Guy, Ted and American Dad! diverted.

Nicki M (nl) wrote: Average. I mainly watched for Kirsten Dunst. *****mild spoiler***** I wasn't too impressed when she exits the film one hour in. Chester and Rydel were not interesting enough to carry the movie on their own. It's certainly not badly made, but it felt like there should have been a twist or something at the end, and there just wasn't. I didn't even really get why Chester helped at the end. What was in it for him at that point?

Enaid N (it) wrote: This movie was so boring! I'm so glad that I didn't pay any money to see it. The only excitement you see is from the commercials. This movie sucks ass! Save your money!

Jonalyn B (gb) wrote: Pretty awful film. However, it was a weird surprise seeing my aunt and uncle's bar in this movie, LOL.

Yousuf A (fr) wrote: Pretty entertaining movie. Had some good action scenes, and the movie was actually pretty hilarious. Story was nothing special, but the characters were very fun to watch.

JeanPhilippe B (de) wrote: tout ce que les amricains ne pourront jamais faire... thank god

Eric O (kr) wrote: Own it. Worth watching thrice.

Tracy F (mx) wrote: Just bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Kyle T (es) wrote: "I'm leavin' some love in my will..." Hahaha!

Lasse C (ag) wrote: Boring and didn't make a whole lot of sense. The story itself is just so implausible and irrelevant in this movie that it is hard to believe it came from the man who gave us Leon, Le Grand Bleu and The Fifth Element.

Joo C (de) wrote: Essa continuao de Superman the Movie ainda mais emocionante!

Tim S (kr) wrote: Colourful gray areas.

Allison F (es) wrote: Shockingly no chariots or fires. Would have been better if you could tell the two guys apart and if they spent a lot less time talking.

(fr) wrote: Terrible acting. The plot could have been further elab