Deadly Prey

Deadly Prey

A group of sadistic mercenaries led by Col. John Hogan kidnap Michael Danton from his home, and set him loose on the grounds of their secret camp to be used as training for new recruits. Danton has been called the "most perfect killer ever." Now, he'll have to prove it again. This prey has become DEADLY!

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Michael R (fr) wrote: Nocturnal Animals is strong, dark and visceral. It's full of first rate performances and striking visuals. Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon are all top notch, giving poignant and powerful realism to every scene.

Tracy F (kr) wrote: Decent movie. Whoopi delivers as always. Family wins out in the end.

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Comedy ? Totally not ! Soon will be forgotten...What movie ?

Jason K (it) wrote: not bad, good geeky things such as grading and cinematography as well

ashley h (fr) wrote: Had a couple of laughs but the lack of chemistry left me cold.

Briana F (jp) wrote: totally awesome! you have to see this!

Vikram T (de) wrote: watch it only will laugh to death.. Sonam Shah is making another film..AHAHAHHAHA

Alice S (ca) wrote: Just one of those delightful wish-fulfillment fantasies that you gotta watch when it comes on TBS. The "Big" concept + time travel is much more palatable, with Jenna already having a real adult life, rife with sordid history that she must "A Christmas Carol" her way out of. Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are both so sweet and adorkable that you'll want to smash all the dollhouses.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: Gothic hard rock publicity stunt that is for real & about as credible & coherent as the weekend vampiricists who all take themselves too seriously.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: This started out life as Conan the Conqueror, and it based on Robert E. Howard's 1950 book The Hour of the Dragon. However when Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to return, the producers simply used another Howard hero, Kull as the protagonist. With TV director John Nicolella employed to breath new life into Howard's universe, but the film was brought down by wretched studio interference. Barbarian warrior Kull (Kevin Sorbo) kills King Borna (Sven-Ole Thorsen) in armed combat after Borna goes made and starts killing his own people. As Borna dies, he names Kull as the new king of Valusia out of spite to rightful heir General Taligaro (Thomas Ian Griffith). Taligaro plans to revive Akivasha, Sorceress Queen of Acheron (Tia Carrere), who once ruled over Valusia with an iron fist. She's revived by Taligaro and priest Enaros (Edward Tudor-Pole). Kull is supposedly killed, but he escapes and comes up with a team to go to a distant island, which will lift the curse of Akivasha and reinstate Kull as king, but he faces many challenges and exploits along the way to the island. It was intended to revive Howard's work, and the producers got this made on the back of Dragonheart (1996), and they hoped this would be a big success too. But the test audiences hated the film, it was heavily recut and released before a lot of the special effects were finished. On the plus side, it does have Pat Roach in it.

Harry W (au) wrote: Being a Robin Williams film recommended to me by my father, Cadillac Man sounded like it was worth a good laugh.Prior to directing Cadillac Man, Roger Donaldson gave the world the Golden Raspberry Award winning box office smash Cocktail (1988). This offers a clear sign that he has taken a more deluded path after his strong work on No Way Out (1987), and I guess Cadillac Man is the film to certify it. The story in Cadillac Man takes itself way too seriously for its own good. Robin Williams is an accomplished actor in both comedy and drama, but Cadillac Man obsessively frets over attempting to wring drama out of what should a comedic situation. The premise of a hostage crisis is reserved mostly for thrillers and occasionally for some kind of ridiculous comedy. In the case of Cadillac Man, the film ends up being the former with a pretentious facade of the latter to mask it. The film is closer to being a drama about an articulate an articulate car salesman who uses his skills in negotiate his way out of a hostage situation. In actual fact, this could have been a very intelligent dramatic film if it had the right context. Unfortunately, the script in Cadillac Man is hardly deep enough to tackle the nature of it subject matter. Settling instead for apparently being a comedy, Cadillac Man fails to capitalize on its high concept plot and instead ends up as a slow and lifeless film. Ultimately, the plot ends as conventionally as it starts with Joey O'Brien having all his problems solved after being taken hostage in a scenario where no hostages get hurt and no jokes get made.What's weird is that there are almost no actual jokes written into the script for Cadillac Man. I'm not saying that to signify that the film isn't funny, there is simply minimum jokes put into the script. Attempting to seek out a moment in Cadillac Man where there is a genuine joke is like a search for the Loch Ness Monster. I spent too much of Cadillac Man trying to establish what point I was supposed to be laughing at, as if I had to analyse the film to isolate its humourous elements. Evidently, I came up short which makes me certain that Cadillac Man cannot be considered a comedy of any sort since the only joke is the wasted plot.The film rests on the shoulders of an unlikable protagonist. Joey O'Brien is a manipulative car salesman having an affair with multiple married women, and the film tries to get viewers sympathising for him through the fact that he genuinely struggles with all that life throws at him. Despite having so many different characters who contribute subplots to the man's life, none of it is actually interesting or all that effective in developing the character. Of course, there is no priority for characters in Cadillac Man because the entire film frets about focusing on its story despite the fact that it doesn't have one. There so many different subplots crammed into the premise yet not one of them is actually given any exploration, and even if they were the cliche nature of them is too dull to offer anything. The only slight bit of flair in Cadillac Man comes from what little the lead actors can do to salvage such a pathetic script.For the majority of the time, Robin Williams is forced through a generic repetition of endless drama with no sweet relief of comedy at any point even though there are clear moments where a small spark of his natural comic persona manages to find its way into the scene. It is never harnessed though because the screenplay is very blunt. However, during some of the most intense moments in the film, Robin Williams proves capable of maximising the drama in the situation. The film progressively thinks it grows more intense while pretending to develop its relationship between Joey O'Brien and Larry, but the only development actually comes from Robin Williams who manages to break down his character and progressively get more intense with his line delivery. His chemistry with Tim Robbins shows him really conveying a stressful situation to audiences, and though there is no real character development happening during these scenes their is a progressive intensity in Robin Willliams' physical state which gives some feeling to the film amid its inept tone. Robin Williams' performance in Cadillac Man isn't necessarily touching or all that funny, but the physical intensity of the part gives him the credibility of being the best thing about Cadillac Man.Also, it's somewhat entertaining to see Tim Robbins in an against-type role. Playing a thinly scripted antagonist for the film, Tim Robbins' takes on the part of the senseless and gun-toting madman Larry. All he has to do for the part is point the gun at Robin Williams and deliver his lines as senselessly as they are written, and though it is far from a challenge for the actor it is at least mildly entertaining to see him take on a different role. Tim Robbins doesn't have the support to amaze viewers with Cadillac Man, but there is a modicum of joy that comes from seeing him in such a ridiculous part.Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the rest of the cast. Though Cadillc Man features the presence of talented actress Annabella Sciorra and soon-to-be sitcom star Fran Drescher, they are all reduced to mindless stock characters without maintaining the against-type gimmick of Tim Robbins. By the end of it, there is nothing memorable about their efforts since the blank repetition in them is more annoying than anything.Cadillac Man offers a sporadic display of Robin Williams' abilities to project physical intensity, but with a screenplay that doesn't have any jokes, a story which is lifelessly predictable and a tone which cannot decipher whether to be a drama or a comedy, the entire experience is bereft of any entertainment value.

David L (ag) wrote: Young Frankenstein is very well made technically and so well acted with Gene Wilder being excellent in his iconic role and the film is quite funny at times with a couple of terrific scenes, but it is overall pretty uneven with some jokes being great, but with others being not so great. It doesn't quite succeeds as a parody film as it only manages to utilize its premise in approximately half of the movie with the other half being dull, unfunny and forgettable. It is a solid, but very disappointing film.

Kurt B (ca) wrote: Easy Rider. Dothraki style.