Deadly Weekend

Deadly Weekend

Two young couples take one last trip to the country before moving to different cities. Unfortunately, when secrets come out and jealously takes a toll the weekend takes an unexpected and deadly turn for the worst.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:tied feet,  

Two young couples take one last trip to the country before moving to different cities. Unfortunately, when secrets come out and jealously takes a toll the weekend takes an unexpected and deadly turn for the worst. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arjun I (mx) wrote: If you take away the glitz and glamour of the songs and the performances of Katrina Kaif....what you are left with is a half baked notion of what a Dhoom movie should be like. Till date the franchise has relied on the bike tech and the sheer power of its antagonists to be a success....With regards to the tech, the fans will not be disappointed although Sahir and Samar have shown engineering skills to rival Tony Stark, the animations are slick. On the antagonist front however the movie fails to deliver, Amir khan easily slips into the character of Samar as compared to Sahir...and that should worry him on a personal front. Abhishek Bachchans character makes Inspector Cluseau look like Sherlock Holmes and Uday Chopra and the american are just part of the scenery. All in all it was a disappointing 3rd installment and i hope there wont be a 4th along the same lines.

Riley H (fr) wrote: For the first two thirds, it is trying hard to be a comedy but everything falls flat. I laughed a couple of times maybe. Then it gets serious and I found myself laughing more. I can't figure out why these people are fooled by this guy. There is no ending. All of this might be acceptable if this were based on a true story, or if we thought it was. But at the very beginning we are told it isn't. And so we are left wondering "who the fuck wrote this and who gave them the money to make it?"

Andranne C (fr) wrote: great. and i loved the kiss ^^

Kinsey N (ru) wrote: Quite possibly the worst movie of the past decade, including every two-bit tawdry porn film. The writing was insipid and colorless leaving no room for even the most skilled actor to redeem. Not to say that the acting wasn't garbage as well. I would have rather spent my time watching the grass grow. Take my word for what it's worth and do not rent this movie.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 75%Saw this on 1/3/16The surrealistic acid western starring Johnny Depp and ethnic Gary Farmer has the two leads in memorable characters that have great chemistry. This is enough even though the film doesn't mean much.

N I (nl) wrote: one of my favorites as a kid

Michael P (gb) wrote: Heartfelt comedy that reminds us what's important.

Ankur S (kr) wrote: Its the best movie i have seen in my life.i really love this movie. This movie is about a small boy who came far from his home at the time of World War 2.The child psychology of a 12 yrs old boy is that he always want a person who really can take his care-personally n intimately. Here in this movie we also can see same psychology of this boy. He fall in love with a soldier. I dnt consider it as a gay love. Because this liitle boy looking for some one special who can take his special care as he is already far away from his home and parents. He involved in a deep relationship which is from his core of heart with the soldier. He started to love the soldier truely, whole heartedly by devoting him infront of the soldier. Their relation started to grow like ne thing. They always seat together at the lonely sea beach 2 see the sunset. But one day morning this boy found that, his love went with his troop for war. The bloody truth of life came in front of him. Life show its cruelty very nudely in front of him. He didnt know wat 2 do now. He wait all time for his love. But that soldier didnt come back to him. He always waited at the lonely sea beach alone at the time of sun set where they always seat together, seeing to the see with a little hope that may be one day his love will come from the sea.It is a ultimate love story. There is a love story between a boy and a man but its nt a gay love story or child abusing. If you tell me to define what was the relation between the boy and the soldier, then i will tell you that " in this world some relationship still exist in which we dnt have any right to insult this relationship by giving it ant conventional name"Please watch the movie. Its a amezing creation of purest love story.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Said to be one of Steven Seagal's better films, Out for Justice sounded like a prime chance to see the action hero in top form.Out for Justice has a story which follows essentially every cliche in the book. As a crime thriller, so many characters are archetypes which adhere heavily to the genre such as the protagonist whose work life gets in the way of his relationship with his son and wife while he has to deal with conflict regarding a friend who has turned to a life of crime. This is the plot of the film, but not the main source of entertainment value. That comes from the film as an action guilty pleasure, and as a result the story gets in the way of that. The problem with the Out for Justice is that it takes the story very seriously and wants to be a legitimate crime thriller, and this means that it has a tendency to drag on at times. It is certainly a more legitimate and competently made film than many of the lesser Steven Seagal features, but it also has a habit of reducing its pace and lacking as much exhilaration as it could have. The story is built on generic roots with no writing originality in the film, and it doesn't even try to pretend that it has any. The story itself even introduces familiar locations for Steven Seagal film's to occur in, most notably the bar fight scenes and the use of a strip club.Out for Justice essentially embraces its story limitations and finds ways to work around them, and one of those is to try and take the story very seriously. Unfortunately for a story so packed with cliches and predictable plot points this does not always prove effective. The genuine effort that the film makes to be a legitimate crime thriller is somewhat admirable, but it is not always entertaining.However, though I wanted a guilty pleasure from Out for Justice, I will admit that as a legitimate crime thriller it was above average for Steven Seagal fare. It didn't pretend to be an action film, it was a self-aware crime thriller with awesome action scenes. And in that sense, it was successful.Out for Justice is a very technically competent film. The narrative is not that enticing, but it is clear that director John Flynn has a sense of style about him. The soundtrack to Out for Justice gives the film its atmospheric edge, and the feel of it all is reinforced by what John Flynn captures on screen. Shot on location, Out for Justice convincingly comes off as a legitimate crime thriller which uses its settings very well. The colour scheme is played with nicely as well since the lighting captures a grim sense of darkness to reflect the city streets without being impossible to comprehend. And all these strong technical aspects end up coming together during the action scenes. As well as featuring extensive fight choreography on behalf of Steven Seagal, Out for Justice brings una major benefit from many well-staged shootouts. The actors are all very involved in the fight by maintaining consistent tension, and the visual style of the film works in their favour because it captures all the action with atmospherically placed cinematography and strongly timed editing. The action is very small scale stuff, but it's easy to miss this because it is all consistently intense and is staged with as much expertise as it is captured with. The use of blood and gore also adds to the realism of the film. It is not excessive, but it is moderated to the point that it only emphasises the truly violent moments in the film and does it with striking realism. The blood and gore of Out for Justice helps to make the experience all the more intense and gives a boost to the credibility of the production values in the feature, ensuring that Out for Justice has at least sporadic entertainment value for its action.But really, the success of Out for Justice all depends on the viewer's opinion of Steven Seagal.Steven Seagal headlines Out for Justice awesomely. One scene depicts Steven Seagal delivering a dramatic monologue. But though it is one of his finer acting moments in the film, the character is still a thin archetype whose recount of the story is lacking in the emotional depth that the musical score suggests that the film wants to achieve. But this hardly matters, because Steven Seagal's natural heroic persona for the rest of the film is what carries it. This time, he's playing an Italian American named Gino Felino and is so heavy with the stereotype at various points that it is unintentionally hilarious. His voice articulation and hand gestures are so stereotypical, but he manages to make them work consistently. More importantly, he kicks a lot of ass during the action scenes. Steven Seagal makes an awesome protagonist through the way that he handles his weapons with such a firm grip and movements of decoy confidence as he pulls the trigger on every bad guy in sight. He retains intense facial features during these times as well which really shows how intensely focused he is. But of course, his best skills are his martial arts abilities which he exercises exceptionally well in Out for Justice. The sporadic fight scenes in the narrative show off a versatile collection of Steven Seagal's abilities, ranging from the use of his bare knuckles to how he works with any item around him as a weapon. His technique is excellent, bold and swift without mercy. Out for Justice is a prime example of the type of skills Steven Seagal offers as a martial artist, and he delivers with patriotic passion for ass-kicking which is exactly what you could ask for from him.So Out for Justice has a generic and repetitive story which it gets caught taking too seriously quite frequently, but the powerful action scenes and involvement of Steven Seagal ensure the film's worth for action junkies.

Joshua v (es) wrote: Although reasonably a bit outdated, Wall street still boasts great performances from its leads, and a well told story about power and greed (even if it has been replicated many times by now - possibly even done better in films that have come after this one). All in all, Wall street is a good watch, even if its just to see a younger and seemly more sane Charlie Sheen at the height of his career.

Pravesh B (jp) wrote: Years ago I was narrating the germ of an idea to Late Suraj Sanim. We were friends and met very often and were trying to work together. For once he liked my idea and asked me not to write it as there is another film already made out of it. So I have been looking for Gambit since then. A wonderful heist film with a brilliant idea. Very entertaining.Michael Caine is in form. Maurice Jarre creates a lot of fun... and mind you he uses tabla also. I wish we had written it as after seeing the film I can't. I just realised that Coens have written a remake. Waiting for it...

Martin T (kr) wrote: Let's start with the good. Wayne is actually okay in this. Maybe the suave 'stache mellows him out, but he seemed less brutish and cocky than usual. The cinematography is fine as always. Some impressive horsemanship. And the overarching plot is generally well put-together. And now... the bad. The comic relief moments, although thankfully pretty scarce, are terrible, and often punctuated by some goofy musical cue. Speaking of the music, that's wretched too. During the action scenes it's okay, but everything else is stupid or sappy, including most of the numerous songs that are performed. And then there's the portrayal of Native Americans as ruthless savages (they steal white children!). And most importantly, I just didn't give a shit about most of it. It's all so sentimental in a way I find very disagreeable. I'm willing to admit that I have a chip on my shoulder about Ford, but he has managed to win me over on occasion. Not this time, but there were enough elements that I didn't hate to make it a not entirely unpleasant experience.