Paula, (Renee O'Connor) an inspector for the Historic Trust, wraps up a successful and important project in the upper Midwest. On her way home to Chicago, she gets a call from her office and is asked to check out a new applicant. It's on her way anyway, and even though it's late on Friday, she takes a quick detour and heads to the site of once proud steamship along an industrial waterfront. The ships 400 foot black form looms against the sky, and collects dead fish in stagnant water near the pier. Moments after her arrival, her car is seriously disabled and her life is about to change forever. In the chaos that follows, she meets up with the self appointed caretaker, Vigs (Larry Joe Campbell) who is the odd caretaker on the ship. Making the best of a bad situation, she takes him up on his offer to spend the night in one of the cramped but historic staterooms. He invites her to dinner and bad beer...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Deadrise 2011 full movies, Deadrise torrents movie

Paula, (Renee O'Connor) an inspector for the Historic Trust, wraps up a successful and important project in the upper Midwest. On her way home to Chicago, she gets a call from her office ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deadrise torrent reviews

Skipp D (br) wrote: Predictable, but not a bad rental.

Gavin D (us) wrote: A little slow moving, but seems to allow the story to build and develop. Sensitively handled..the story revolves around two friends one who is gay, and he visits thefamily home one holiday, only to have a brief affair with the father of his friend. The repercussions are many, and the family is torn apart and rocked by the whole situation. I loved the movie, and the cast all do a great job. Great to see Thea Gill from Queer As Folk. All in all a satisfying experience.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Touching, heartfelt, brutal and all-in-all unsparing. This brilliant coming-of-age story thrives on Meadows' direction. He injects the movie with his own would-be tattered past, but still allows it to be it's own film. He doesn't sugarcoat the hard reality, but he doesn't let the hard reality be the end of it. He goes above and beyond.

Sean W (de) wrote: good but not the original nor its excitement

Dave J (de) wrote: That rare thing, an intelligent romantic comedy. Sweet and warm but never cloying, with great performances, some surprises and a lot of charm.

Bohyun K (br) wrote: Hilarious comedy which uses the English learning craze as a background but is mostly a romantic comedy. I loved the sureal scenes - never before has a placement test been so fittingly visualized as in this movie. However, I didn't like some of the acting from the non-Korean actors. The teacher was ok, the rest so-so. But they don't play a huge role anyway.

Fernando Jos G (kr) wrote: Una increble pieza cinematogrfica. Dear Frankie es conmovedora, sutil y con actuaciones plausibles. Su historia es sencilla pero muy original. Un final un tanto abrupto pero realmente nadie se puede quejar de esta dulce resultado.PD. Su msica es espectacular, tanto su fotografa.

Brinn O (us) wrote: This movie made me think and relate with the characters on so many levels. Very, very well written.

Ben L (mx) wrote: This is a film that takes full advantage of Eddie Murphy's comedic chops before he got into a habit of thinking costumes = humor. I like the mystery involved, I like his interaction with the Beverly Hills police, and I like the action sequences. Beverly Hills Cop has a lot of great stuff going on if you are just looking for a comedy/action blend. There are certainly some plot elements that don't hold up to close scrutiny, and it isn't exactly a complex whodunit, but I don't know how essential those aspects are in an irreverent film like this one. It is one of the few Eddie Murphy films that I think holds up very well over time, and I was glad to watch it again.

jay n (ca) wrote: Overlong western, by about an hour, but not without interest. Katy Jurado gives the film's best performance.

Jimmi S (mx) wrote: Sluggish and at times tedious, this tale of science, Big Pharma, Celebrity and greed offers fascinating food for thought. It just go much beyond and really explore.

Tiffany S (ru) wrote: going to see with my little bro, I am sure he will love it

Russ B (br) wrote: 8/1/2013: Meh. Basically a Syfy made for TV movie.

Alexander P (kr) wrote: A diabolically executed comedy that could have been written by a dead chimp. 1/10.

Ennis Brokeback L (br) wrote: I have seen worse but this film is pretty mediocre. It could have been great and instead it's a one time film at best.