Dear Albania

Eliza Dushku takes on her homeland of Albania.

Dear Albania tells two stories: the journey of Albania through centuries of oppression| conquest| and civil strife to triumph over Communism and
its emergence as a vibrant modern state; and the journey of one family| the Dushkus. For the siblings| the voyage to their ancestral home becomes a cultural| historical and
personal discovery. They
discover Albania's present| its past and hear about its hopes for the future. In Dear Albania| Eliza and her brother Nate travel to Albania where they explore 15 unique cities throughout the country. In the past few years| American actress Eliza Dushku| who is of mixed Danish and Albanian ancestry| has become passionately interested in and connected to the
country of her father's ancestors

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Users reviews

Christina C (gb)

how can my kids watch this ?

Darren M (gb)

But I like it. Embarrassing

Donovan K (jp)

A great film. What's the problem with the second act? It's sort of inconclusive, but not entirely disappointing. The rising action is flawless and genuinely scary

J L (jp)

RDJ is da shit doh, always has been. dis movie is ok, da way da actors brring the script to life is what makes iy fun to watch

Jenn T (es)

Not sure how I feel about this flick, odd

Jerry C (it)

Half an hour too long, the direction isn't tight, but Eduardo Noriega is great in the title role. Thanks to him, 150 ETA-members were imprisoned. An interesting movie, based on true events, about a mole (el lobo) in the ETA, during the last days of Franco's reign in Spain

John H (fr)

One of the best movies ever made

Paul A (es)

this was a very good biopic i enjoyed it and found it interesting and had no idea that this was how Mcdonalds was started

ray r (es)

I liked it. . . Its exactly what youd expect from a Im Charles Bronson Movie

Richard A (kr)

The animation could be better though. The story starts off slow, but once it builds up, it is about as engaging as an anime film can get