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Dear Albania

  • Language:English, Albanian
  • Release:2015
  • Length:112 minutes
  • IMDB link:Dear Albania
  • Upload time:2017-08-12 04:00:37

Dear Albania tells two stories: the journey of Albania through centuries of oppression| conquest| and civil strife to triumph over Communism and
its emergence as a vibrant modern state; and the journey of one family| the Dushkus. For the siblings| the voyage to their ancestral home becomes a cultural| historical and
personal discovery. They
discover Albania's present| its past and hear about its hopes for the future. In Dear Albania| Eliza and her brother Nate travel to Albania where they explore 15 unique cities throughout the country. In the past few years| American actress Eliza Dushku| who is of mixed Danish and Albanian ancestry| has become passionately interested in and connected to the
country of her father's ancestors