Dear Caroline

Dear Caroline

14th July 1782. While the wedding of her older unprepossessing sister Louise to a wealthy aristocrat is being celebrated, sixteen-year old beauty Caroline falls in love with an attractive ...

14th July 1782. While the wedding of her older unprepossessing sister Louise to a wealthy aristocrat is being celebrated, sixteen-year old beauty Caroline falls in love with an attractive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasrick J (fr) wrote: Okay comedy, one time watch if must or bored

Elgan D (jp) wrote: A gentle humoured fable with Duvall perfectly cast as the eccentric hermit. There's a little mystery to the picture but this is secondary to the interaction of the characters.

Emily S (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this film. Reaser, and Mol are some of my favorites and for them to be in a movie with Kirk means good things are coming.

Mark F (us) wrote: A cute but pretty generic movie. Some corny over dramatic scenes but since the ape is such a great actor the movie is definitely worth watching if you love chimps.

Ellen T (ag) wrote: Incredibly upsetting as you follow the torture of a young man. Jason Behr does a great job of portraying the hopelessness and anger of a prisoner. I don't know that 'enjoy' is the word, but this movie hits really hard.

Stephane C (br) wrote: " On lui a grenad (C) la gueule.. "

Martin R (ag) wrote: In 1991, it was known that Steven Spielberg was going to direct a Peter Pan adaptation and, at a time when Spielberg was the hottest MC-I mean, director-in the game, audiences must have been asking: what could possibly go wrong? It's Steven flippin' Spielberg! This was the guy who gave us "E.T and "Indiana Jones;" Spielberg on fantasy mode was going to out of this world. And then the movie came out and the reaction was really mixed with some calling it Spielberg's worst film, but the question is, is it really his worst? Robin Williams stars as Peter Pan and while he does bring some energy to the role, he's not really given a whole lot to do as far as fleshing out his character goes. Same with Dustin Hoffman as Captain James Hook, who you can tell really had fun shooting some of his scenes, although, his character is too silly to be taken seriously. None of the characters really do anything to make you care about the film. And to keep things simple, the script is truly the film's most detrimental aspect of the production. It's hard to become emotionally invested in a film about Peter Pan having grown up and then having to rescue his kids when...his kids aren't in any real danger. They just get taken and, umm, yeah, then Peter takes them back. Movie's over. The stakes are never high. There's no 'meaty' conflict in "Hook" that makes you want to cheer for Pan, it kind of has the effect of 'hurry up and get this over with.' The ideas are there, but I think what held a lot back was Spielberg's tendencies to keep things family-oriented and reluctance to do anything dark [which I can understand since "The Temple of Doom" was criticized for that]. It would have been interesting not only IF Peter was a neglectful father but IF, also, his kids were spoiled as hell [that way, when James Hook decides to replace Peter as their father, they can undergo a bit character development]. Take the film's ending, what do we learn about Peter after all this Neverland stuff? He throws his cell phone out the window and hugs his kids, hey buddy, you probably just got fired for ditching that call and now you're going to be broke and on the streets. You didn't save your family. You literally just lost them. Enjoy the hug because you sure will never be able to do that again. I'm giving the film 3.5 out of 5 stars anyways. Even though Spielberg has since said that he didn't like "Hook" and were he to do it again that he wouldn't use live sets (all CGI, he said) or so I read. Personally, I like the overall look (all the sets they constructed and stuff) but even if he had used all CGI [with Spielberg behind the camera, who cares? It's still going to be shot in a way that's vastly superior than, say, "Pan"], the script would have been a major flaw. If anything, the CGI might have helped the sword fighting, which truly is lackluster here [just to be clear, the Lost Boys v. Pirates battle was fun but it could have been more...intense, sort of. More action-y? I don't know, I just think it's missing something]. The high point of "Hook" for me [and it's something that is HIGHLY respected] is John Williams' score. It is a textbook example of a not-so-good film having quality film music, and in many scenes, it's John Williams who provides, if not elevates, the muscle (and the emotion) for the picture. Peter Pan soaring through the sky wouldn't have the impact that it did without that score, I can tell you that. "The Ultimate War" (as in the track) is one of the most impressive action cues I've ever heard. I really like the scene where (it's after Hook has stolen Pan's kids) and Peter and the others are entering their house, they see the mark that Hook has left along the walls, and it is just so well done. It could almost pass for a horror film with those harrowing strings, talk about creating suspense, and it's one of those things that really make me think, 'man, what if Spielberg had done THAT for more scenes?' Another moment I think was great was when the Lost Boys meet Peter Pan (who, in that moment, doesn't know he's Peter Pan) and that one kid feels his face [I know that sounds weird out of context, shut up] and says, 'oh, there you are, Peter,' and that emotional choral track is heard. Again, the score is the saving grace of the film. The 'Food Fight' scene, still, amazes me with how magical those few seconds feel when Peter looks at his spoon. Magic, it's just a shame that "Hook" doesn't have too many of those feels. This is the first Peter Pan adaptation I've ever seen. Wait, I'm not even sure if that's true. I know I watched Disney's animated one on VHS once. Anyways, since "Hook," we've gotten "Peter Pan," "Finding Neverland," the critically panned and financial bomb "Pan," and "Peter and Wendy" (it's a TV show, I've never seen it). There's bound to be another Peter Pan adaptation through some medium in a few years and I'm wondering how many of those are going to fail to top "Hook" film quality-wise. That's a pretty sad, honestly, because "Hook" isn't even all that. Robin Williams' passing might sway a few people's opinions about "Hook" to the favorable side, for me, not so much (although, I think I'm on the favorable side just for 'technical' reasons), I think I preferred him in stuff like "Mrs. Doubfire," "Jumanji," and maybe even "Flubber" more. But I will say this, since I watched it for the first time last year, "Good Will Hunting," that is Robin Williams' arguably most impressive performance, well, if I don't count "Aladdin" because, oh damn it, I already said "Aladdin." "Hey, you ain' never had a friend like me!!!!"In short: I only did this review so I wouldn't have to do my essay. And no, I'm not joking. "Hook" is O-kay if you're not expecting much. It's a kid's film, can't be too harsh on a kid's film even though it is so underwhelming compared to Spielberg's previous stuff (and many of his later works).

Madri G (fr) wrote: Where can I buy this DVD. Awesome movie!!! Anyone??

George W (ag) wrote: So much better than it gets credit for and I know exactly where it was filmed down the street. It has several big stars that were not big stars back then. It is a good movie compared to the mountain of feces thrown at me by Netflix.

Carol G (br) wrote: This was a very well told. thoughtful tale that had heart as well as interesting characters and storyline. Bravo for not relying on razzle-dazzle alone to create a satisfying movie experience. I enjoyed the depth of emotion, vulnerability and development that Jaden Smith brought to his role. Definitely not jumping on the hater bandwagon.....