Dear God No!

Dear God No!

A gang of outlaw bikers pull a home invasion on a disgraced Anthropologist hiding a secret locked in his cabin basement.

An innocent girl being imprisoned may keep the key to secrets locked in the basement and the machine wiping out human into the wood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David A (fr) wrote: Saw this early on Itunes and, as an avid Beatles fan, found the insights on the band fascinating. Freda's story is heartwarming, and one can't help but be enthralled by her warmth, earnestness, and enthusiasm for "the lads."

Annie R (nl) wrote: Good film, good story. Unfortunately the narrative was sometimes disjointed jumping between the past in France and then Antarctica. The latter scenes added little to the film and the Aust film crew (with awful accents) were really superfluous to the story. Loved that she mentioned NZ truffles ( so that is why there are so many frogs here!). Loved the food and passion for great french food portrayed in the film.The interiors and machinations of the Elysee Palace were beautifully revealed. The sycophants really do prop up the concept that the President is King!

Kevin R (mx) wrote: I killed a man.Marybeth's family is plagued by the local legend Victor Crowley. The family is cursed until they return Victor Crowley to his father. Marybeth thinks she killed Victor in Hatchet 2, but she's mistaken and every law enforcement officer investigating her claim is in for a rough night. Can someone finally take out Crowley or will he continue his murderous rampaging ways?"These are somebody's balls. Balls are not supposed to be hanging from trees."BJ McDonnell delivers Hatchet 3 in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture has a classic slasher feel to it. It is below average, for sure, but the kill scenes are very well done. The acting was below par and the cast includes Danielle Harris, Zach Galligan, Caroline Williams, Parry Shen, Derek Mears, and Rileah Vanderbilt."You guys don't tell us how to do our jobs and we won't tell you how much you suck at yours."I grabbed this off Netflix because I remember seeing the first two and being moderately entertained. I will say the action and kill sequences are done better than you may anticipate. The movie is a nice addition to the horror genre and worth a viewing if you're a fan of the genre. "It's a fucking scalp."Grade: D+/C-

Frances H (mx) wrote: Strange tale of a teen and a woman, who are struggling with grief and loss, trying to learn to let go.

lhan (us) wrote: Klasik turk filmi havasnda, ekimler fena de?il, oyunculuk idare eder sonu olarak tat vermeyen bir film oldu benim iin.

Sarah P (au) wrote: I don't see what the point of this was. I love Madonna, but obviously more so in front of the camera than behind.

Johnny N (jp) wrote: wow what a movie. from start to finish the camerawork and scenery is something special. best big beast croc movie ever made and i thoroughly enjoyed lake placid. this film is just A class movie making. you can tell it was worked on by some of the best in fear, from the creators of wolf creek comes "ROGUE" great little number for anyone who enjoys a good jump in the night.

Bengel W (mx) wrote: Astounding cinematography in black and white as well as color gives this film a panache that is visually a delight. The story is compelling from the moment it starts with the actors making the lives very real and believable with an abundance of harsh pain shown from the soul. Genius or madness are but a hairs breadth away from each other. Nibbles: Toast and Vegemite.

marlin m (it) wrote: awesome movie didn't get to finish seeing it because my TV. ps love it.

E L (de) wrote: Surprisingly ok. No surprises in the plot, but at least you get what you're expecting.

William W (mx) wrote: Like what Sergio Leone did for westerns, Tsui Hark's revisionist wuxia is a dark, brutal and dazzling experience. Although many would recognizes the One Armed Swordsman plot, The Blade is an entirely different beast, and a very fascinating one indeed. This isl 90s HK action cinema at its finest.

Trevor J (au) wrote: I don't care what people say! I really do enjoy this movie so much. I could watch Chris Tucker in anything and be entertained. After seeing this movie syndicated so many times on TBS and TNT growing up, I've just learned to ignore the flaws. This is one of those sit back, laugh, and enjoy movies. Just don't try and think about it too much.

Rahul S (ca) wrote: This was a good movie!

Paul D (de) wrote: Despite an excellent cast there's no real outstanding performances here, although it's a solid enough mid 20th century British comedy with Audrey Hepburn in one of her first screen roles, although she's only on screen for about a minute.

Derek W (de) wrote: So stunningly beautiful and precisely filmed that it is almost hard to focus on the deft screenplay and radiating beauty of Jean Seberg in this classic poignant French masterpiece.

Christopher C (gb) wrote: The story is very strong. The execution doesn't go too well. It's not the story's fault, it's just that at a certain point the outcome becomes obvious. The acting is very well done. Overall the performances make this a strong movie but has a predictable ending.