Dear Mister Moon

Dear Mister Moon


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Dear Mister Moon torrent reviews

Tyler A (nl) wrote: the first half of the movie was a bit all over the place, 2nd half was easier to follow and actually caught my attention. decent

Khalid M (gb) wrote: kinda cute movie but the limitation iz that U ll like it watchin it once only..

Jared S (ca) wrote: Well, this movie was basically a tool that helped me fill me in on one of the most deranged individuals that walked the earth. It was low-budget (Obviously), not acted well, and was expecting more revealing stuff. Well, now I know who Jeffery Dahmer is.

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 89%Watched this on 4/5/15Chaplin is a well deserved biopic directed by an always reliable Richard Attenborough who is also one of the pioneer in biopic films, take for instance Gandhi. Robert Downey Jr gives a phenomenal nuanced performance as Chaplin and does justice to the great legend. The film is incredibly emotional, especially it's ending which is nothing but a true tribute to the legend. Moreover, Attenborough's film sheds a lot of light not only on the personal life of Chaplin, but also on how the then influential people like J. Edgar Hoover ruined his acting career.

CJ C (it) wrote: A major fav. Read the DH Lawrence classic novel first. Also, see WOMEN IN LOVE. Luv KR & GJ always.

Mitchell B (br) wrote: Really cool way to introduce Blofeld into the franchise. A bit cheesy in parts, but hey, it's a Bond movie. It still kept my attention.

Anthony T (gb) wrote: Although a fun movie, it could have used a bit more humour. Enjoyable, but Only one or two funny parts.

Simon D (it) wrote: I've seen several horrors with very similar stories and they are all pretty disappointing. This isn't though because it's a satire of those others with some pretty funny scenes thrown in at points when you don't really expect them. It works as a decent horror and a comedy.

Lee W (kr) wrote: Not a bad film. Some good training scenes. Acting is pretty bad at times but the fighting makes up for it. There's a funny breakdancing scene.