Dear Murderer

Dear Murderer

When a man discovers his wife is having an affair, he commits the perfect crime.

When successful business man Lee Warren suspects his wife is having an affair, he sets out find her lover, kill him, and make it look like suicide. Complications set in, when he finds out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos I (nl) wrote: Surprisingly decent. Was not expecting that at all, especially with the dismal reviews, but it was pretty effective for what it was going for. I also liked how it evoked Blair Witch 2. Another unfairly overlooked sequel.

Louise Y (mx) wrote: not a bad storyline, but it took too long to get to the point

Ana M (mx) wrote: it was really cute...some things were a lil outrageous, like how do those people not know certain things, they r not cavemen lol, but 4 the most part it was nice :)

Paul M (kr) wrote: I think this is a TV movie which would explain the low budget feel of it but even if it is I thouroughly enjoyed it. Gossett and Edwards make an entertaining pair and as a simple light hearted movie you could do a lot worse.

mahdi h (ru) wrote: a good teenage movie.but not special.pretty easy going.and easy acting.something that u can feed anyone.

Steven V (de) wrote: A good movie for people who like soccer and love dogs. This movie is cool. Enjoyable, pappy children's stuff.

Dustin (de) wrote: It looks a little low budget but its the story thats so great. Its not you basic war movie, and instead of telling the story of a hero its the story of a man who just wants to survive at any cost and is forced to lead his own squad into battle. Now he must choose between saveing his own life or the lives of his new recrutes who know nothing about combat.

Massimiliano T (mx) wrote: L'interpretazione del coach di Nick Nolte mi ha fatto sbregare, 5 stelle solo per questo..

Kelli L (au) wrote: My all time favorite movie since I was eight years old! Very moving! Makes you wanna stand up and cheer!!!

Mike C (br) wrote: Pretty damn bad. There's really nothing redeeming about this movie, poorly made, stupid story line. I mean seriously, even if the vampire bats did bite them.. whatever. Not worth the time, even for a b grade movie.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Entertaining crime thriller from the 60's, predictable but still entertaining.

Archibald T (es) wrote: Jonathan Stryker admits a great actress Samantha Sherwood to a mental facility. It's for research in the next Stryker role "Audra". He has other plans and that's to keep Samantha in the mental ward and invite six women to a mansion where they fight for the part, sort of. Samantha, however, gets out of the mental ward to drop in on Stryker's invitee's to also bicker and banter with him.One by one each of them is killed off by someone in an old hag mask, but who is it that's doing the killing?Great performance's from John Vernon and Samantha Eggar in this highly original slasher flick.