Dear Summer Sister

Dear Summer Sister

Sunaoko come to Okinawa to find his brother Tsuruo. Her searching is not very painless because it tears up old wounds in complicated relationships, some of which date back to the horrors of war.

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Boyce B (ca) wrote: A very basic but surprisingly good movie. Do not go in with high expectations. Get your snacks, sit back and enjoy.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: The forgotten wastes Julianne Moore's skilled work with a premise far too ridiculously silly topped off by an even more egregious twist.

Wraith A (fr) wrote: Drab sequel that tries to pull of a lot of the same tricks as its predecessor, but just lacks the malevolent atmosphere and unpredictability that made the first one good. Surprisingly, given the kind of film it's trying to be, too much exposition: it crosses the line of credulity with the demon-based internet sleuthing and never looks back. Also, if you saw the alternative ending to 1 (which I thought was better, more ambiguous, than the haunted house shock tactic of the theatrical ending), the end of 2 makes no sense. But it does it allow a a franchise to be spawned, which is nice.

Helen E (ag) wrote: I dunno, on one hand it seemed like some guys chance to be as pretentious as possible but on the other it was raw and gritty which I loved. However, the story was a bit all over the place and seemed a bit pointless. It was more showing the fashions of the time (hence the pretentiousness). The acting was sound though and it had a killer soundtrack. Scousers might enjoy it more, I dunno!

Ryan S (ca) wrote: This movie is quite a bit better than I expected. The plot is interesting and pretty original, the suspense builds and there's great character development as you question who's on what side and what they really want. There is something that works oddly well with movies like this, alien movies, monster movies, etc. that take place in a supermarket, there's something about the atmosphere of a supermarket and the intereactions of people in said supermarket that seem to really work most times. The acting is suprisingly good as well and Tony Almeida kicking alien ass is always good. Everything just comes together surprisingly well and this is a very nice little Sci-Fi meets Horror gem and is definitely worth a watch.

eKyN N (ag) wrote: WoW!!! So ScARy...Ba Weee ...HeLppppPP..

Jay M (ag) wrote: It is definitely a sequel that was better than the original.

Tim D (ag) wrote: A darkly funny beginning, followed by a disturbing and disgusting turning point, and finished with an emotional struggle at the climax of the film. This is overall a great and twisted film.

Jesse O (us) wrote: This is an indictment on the record industry disguised as a light and warm British comedy. The record industry is represented in Michael Caine's character of Ray Say. Ray is just looking for the next big thing. He's not looking for the next big thing because he believes in them or anything like that, he's only doing it for himself, so he can reach bigger and higher heights. Doesn't matter if he's compromising the soul of the music, just as long as he makes money it's okay. This reflects the behavior of most of music labels, as they're just looking to what's popular now and finding ways to exploit for their financial gain. Much like Michael Caine, they'll butter you up and use every charming trick they can to get you to do what you want for them. So if there's anything I liked about the movie, on a far more subtle level, it would be that. I think the movie is good, it's probably a little TOO light for my tastes but it benefits from a damn good cast, highlighted by Michael Caine and Brenda Blethyn. I think these two make the movie far more entertaining than it would've been otherwise. If there's a problem with the comedy in the film is that is the movie is just funny, it's never hilarious. Despite having some really funny people on board, the script just never reaches that level of hilarity. Still, the movie's solid. It tells a good, but predictable, story. And Jane Horrocks definitely delivers the goods as far as the singing in concerned. She has a great talent for mimicry and she gets to showcase that in this film, and she shines at it really. I did feel that the ending felt completely flat though. It is a symbolic shot, but I felt that something was missing from this ending. I don't want to say it was unexpected, but it felt like there should've been more after this scene. This movie isn't perfect, I think it's too light and it doesn't really use talents of its cast fully, it was a little predictable and the ending felt a little flat...but it's still good. Solid cast, solid writing make this a pretty good movie.

heyitsvasili (jp) wrote: Everytime it is on tv I always sing along to the breathtaking music montages. John Travolta's performance in this is hysterical. A definite must see.

JeanMarie L (ca) wrote: On aurait prfr que la Hammer finisse en beaut...

Haden P (mx) wrote: I think the movie did a good job of catching the essentials regarding the chase to find and sink the Bismarck. A solid historical perspective. the embellishment on some of the roles was a little contrived to create human drama.

TheLords A (au) wrote: Okay so back to the older winners, this one I had trouble finding online or at the library, but luckily my brother had a VHS copy. How did he do that? genuine idea.Plot: The film revolves around a an upper-class British family, the Marryots and their servants, the Bridges. Between 1901 and 1933, we take a look at what they all go through during many historical events around that time.Honestly, this movie was just meh. I mean the acting was good for what it was worth, just didn't age well. There's all this death, life and love from all of these characters while Britain it self goes through things like the Second Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, the sinking of the Titanic, and World War One. And honestly, it's not all that particularly interesting. It's not to say that it was completely boring or anything like that - the acting was good for what it was, and there are some characters you actually care about a tiny bit - but the characters are a little too simple and the story is very loose when it comes to bringing these historical events into the story and having anything to do with the characters. Most of the events like Queen Victoria's death or the sinking of the Titanic are close to never really brought in. Thinking more about it, I guess all that made sense back in 1933 where all these events are something everybody knew back then, but some of these things were over 100 years ago or less. And some of us might not be familiar with or have even learned some events from school or something like that. I mean I've learned a lot of things in school over the years but I never knew there was a Second Boer War, or even a first for that matter. I wish I knew more, because they bring it up so bluntly that we don't even know which war it was. All the characters say is "We're going to war!" and "we won" and that's almost all of what they gave us with that.And that's my review for Cavalcade. I don't doubt that it was a great movie to have back in its time, but it has aged to be a film that has characters that are too simple and are often not all that interesting, and lacks real effort in bringing the characters and the historical even together very well. It has its little nice moments, but is otherwise not the greatest among the best picture winners.