Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral

Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family.

Chaos reigns when members of a dysfunctional family gather to bury a loved one. The dignified ceremony devolves into a hilarious, no-holds-barred debacle of misplaced cadavers, indecent exposure, and shocking family secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruben v (br) wrote: While the movie has its moments, it's by no means the cat's pajamas.Top Cat: The Movie appears to be aimed at people who know each episode of the original series by heart, seeing as the movie makes several callbacks to characters and moments from the old episodes. While the familiarity does bring up a sense of nostalgia, the movie relies on these far too often, and seeing as no introduction or buildup to these characters is given within the movie itself, this makes certain plot points appear to come out of nowhere to people who aren't as familiar with the classic cartoon episodes. Still, even to the people that do recognize everything the movie throws at them, it remains fairly bland altogether.

Fong K (es) wrote: Not for anyone with vertigo or anyone with a strong disdain for flashy thrillers with a ludicrous plot.

Mary O (de) wrote: The information was well presented and engaging. I would like to see more films take on a measured approach to serious subjects like health and well being. There is a bit of the conspiracy theory of big government and big pharma against the little man/ farmer- but some of the practices of the USDA fuel these theories instead of putting them out.I watched the film for a second time and rate is one of the best in the genre.

Jamie C (us) wrote: As good as it could of been, The aliens were different and it wasn't afraid to try something different by using London teens which people will love or hate.

Joey A (nl) wrote: The bad apple in the amazing apple tree that is Pixar Animation Studios.

Mathieu L (es) wrote: Pourquoi n'y a t'il que des bousins Amricains sur cette application ? O sont les vrais films ?

Edward K (us) wrote: awesome and suprisingly gory movie

Chuck C (jp) wrote: liked Old Boy? or the Vengeance series for that matter? Same quirky style with a very likable, mute main character.Narration reminds me of Old boy fo sho.

Alice S (au) wrote: In 2005, I was blissfully enthralled by Natalie Portman in her follicular heyday, so I didn't quite appreciate the philosophical core of this visually and aurally stunning film. I love the high angle shots in the onyx, low-lit war room, with all those contemptuous whites of eyes staring up at the oppressive video feed of our corn-grilled chancellor. I love Dario Marianelli's soaring arpeggios and was surprised that I hadn't taken notice of him until "Atonement" in 2007. I love the brilliantly paced and lovingly lit second act when Evey is taken prisoner and we learn Valerie's heartbreaking story.I must also give kudos to the impressive cadre of British thespians that I was unfamiliar with before. Stephen Rea's yammy face and the smallest twitch of his lips convey Inspector Finch's every disguised exasperation at the tyrannical government he's tasked to protect, and this time around, I was truly invested in his character arc. Ben Miles of "Coupling" is also quite high of power and forehead.Natalie Portman's accent falls off at times, but the lispiness seems at least consistent, and her performance throughout is every bit as good as her Oscar-winning one, though I do think she plays too coy during her "confession" with Father Lilliman so that she seems to be toying with him to aid in V's plan instead of seeking asylum for herself.

Brad L (nl) wrote: It didn't take more than a half-hour viewing of this film for me to figure out that all the Final Destination movies are the same, except with different ideas for gorier deaths. I guess the only value left in the later sequels are that it may be interesting to see how creatively Death is going to slaughter the next batch of teenagers again. And again. (Though even for me, the tanning bed deaths were a little uncomfortable to watch.)

Terry T (au) wrote: A film by Lucio Fulci that might be overlooked in his films if not for his great and controversial violence, the film's plot is different from other jobs because Fulci is maintained throughout the duration of the film. That is 103 minutes without a break. The performances are pretty normal, except Tomas Millian that shines in his role of Chaco, which is very similar to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Matthys L (nl) wrote: Too much boom and too little sensible storyline.

Dax S (gb) wrote: Very interesting and new concept, good acting.

Carlos I (au) wrote: God I miss movies like this, and Charles Bronson. Few action icons could love up to his presence. Much like Walking Tall and Billy Jack, this relies on a regular man standing up to the local big bad guys.

Samy A (de) wrote: I've slept two times while watching... It gets interesting by the end !