Death Cheaters

Death Cheaters


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Sophie B (es) wrote: Unexpected endings are rarely expected. *sigh*. Political centered films rarely make their way into the children's market.

Peter D (au) wrote: some hot chicks, but overall lame. no direction.

Jack W (mx) wrote: This is one of my favourite movies!! Both Planet Terror and Death Proof were Awesome (planet terror was a bit better)....... The fake trailers shown during the movie are awesome also, my favourite being Rob Zombie's Werewolf Women of the SS....... i really hope that gets made into a movie! I bought the two disc special edition of Grindhouse on blu-ray and i can honestly say it was the most worthwhile purchase of a movie, ever. And when you watch this, make sure you watch it from start to finish without stopping! It's best watched as one full movie, you get the most out of it that way. Awesome movie (or movies!), i had so much fun watching.

Robin T (mx) wrote: Not for all public! For a very advised people!!!!

Mik H (mx) wrote: Kamikaze Girls....a breath of fresh air in the stale arena of teen comedies. If you want something different for a change, then this is it. A wonderfull light, breezy, cooky tale of friendship between complete opposites....10/10

Jayson G (mx) wrote: Mediocre action sequences, bad acting (especially Seagal), with a story-line and dialogue comparable to low rated TV show.

Taimoor W (it) wrote: one of my all time fav indian movie .. baali was the best

Matt W (au) wrote: It's good. Seems dated and tired if watched now - but original when it was made. Shatner's amazing.

Brian K (es) wrote: Not one of Mr. Hogan's more popular movies

Johnny G (us) wrote: Muy buena, aunque el final me dej algo insatisfecho... La banda sonora es excelente, al igual que el performance de Tim Roth como el nihilista y muy chocante Trevor. Dos puntos a favor de esta muy corta peli...

E m (nl) wrote: This movie has the perfect setting for a slasher. An eerie silence surrounds the train as it floats around in the winter snow. A moving coffin full of sorority/fraternity chumps, all boxed in. An 80's costume party. A magician performing flawless illusions. A costumed killer who slips into the costumes of his victims. It didn't end up as creepy or well-executed as it could have been but Terror Train excels in many aspects. It's an enjoyable watch, in my opinion. Oh, and did I mention David Copperfield? David Copperfield.

Heath C (br) wrote: One of my favorite bad movies ever!

Mallory A (de) wrote: This movie ends by showing a threesome in space.

Issac L (ru) wrote: A quartet mini-features from the 4 most prestigious Italian directors must be a rare treat for aficionados, but since shorts sometimes has been designed to experiment maestro(TM)s more daring or outlandish innovation, so a 1+1<2 formula is well acceptable for the viewers at least. Act 1, Monicelli(TM)s amiable modern tale of a pair of young newlyweds working in the same factory while conceiving their nuptial facts since it breaches the unfeeling regulation. Monicelli(TM)s devotion and affection to the general mass is ubiquitous, the camera follows intimately to record the lovebirds(TM) daily work, diversion and quagmire, and the bittersweet ending is unerringly sanguine which should be the bloodline runs inside the Italian lineage. Act 2, Fellini(TM)s ever-first colour endeavour, surrealistic, sumptuous and luscious fantasy of a moral watchdog(TM)s eventual relinquishment towards a sexy bomb (an enormous 50 feet-tall Anita Ekberg), a female-exploitation gag which is constantly overplayed (not inclusively) in Fellini(TM)s canon. But visually, Fellini(TM)s manoeuvre of projecting different proportioned characters (creates two identical settings with different sizes) is quite nimble without exposing any shoddy clues (except the forged beasts, which is a buzzkill). Act3, Visconti(TM)s pleonastic noble Count whose brothel scandal evokes a major crisis with his wealthy but vindictive wife, a higher-tier pastiche ends up with a sloppy reference of a disparaging stinking rich(TM)s gauche prostitute fetish. At any rate Romy Schneider is the best thing in it, pairs with a well-suited Tomas Milian, presents a paragon of bourgeois vulnerability and emptiness. Act 4, another prostitute? farce in a rural background, De Sica seduces the world with Sophia Loren(TM)s vulgar and crude beauty, a sultry whore will spend one night with the man who guess right of the lottery number, but it turns out to be a mental masturbation joke, quite tedious and a bit offensive. Apparently this is another patchy miscellany doesn(TM)t live up to the test of the time, Monicelli(TM)s neo-realistic part (which suspiciously is taken out completely in the original US release) is the standout and quite a pity it didn(TM)t make up to a feature-length piece of work which producer Carlo Ponti had promised then.

Marischa B (kr) wrote: Ever say something you thought was funny but was sort of inappropriate? And for some reason you wondered what sort of scenario it would take to make it appropriate? This is the movie that creates the scenario that makes silly puns about genitals work.There are few other qualities. There is also plenty of babbling and speculation about human love and relationships and the complexity therein. Although they generally try to treat the topic respectfully, the constant oversimplifications and stereotypes presented leave you shaking your head and simply saying, "No. It doesn't work that way, it's not that simple."The implication that men can't help but think with their genitals is an old clich that can really be fun if it's played well, but is still generally demeaning. Whereas the insinuation that women are so easily seduced by someone like this "Johnson" character is somewhat demeaning to the female gender.All of it could have been done well, but really the whole film comes off pretty dry. It's only moderately entertaining, and not very romantic.