Death Force

Death Force

Project Dark Forest has been stolen. The Red King has dispatched his soldiers. The Chimera is hunted. Death to all.

Project Dark Forest has been stolen. The Red King has dispatched his soldiers. The Chimera is hunted. Death to all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaileo C (au) wrote: What an incredibly bad, boring movie. A waste of $11 and 1:40. Moves extremely slow, and the pace does not enhance the tone of the film nor does it advance the story. Main character is whiney and unsympathetic. Writing so poor that it feels like you're watching an After-School Special. Needs better editing to overcome the boring pace... I checked my phone 3 times to see what time it was.

Aj G (de) wrote: Just talking. Interviews, filmed meetings and very little action. I found it impossible to watch the whole thing. What a waste of money.

Private U (ca) wrote: I enjoyed it in a long run, but the ending with the kid fucking up all the good things that were about to happen was unnecessary. Very unnecessary. There's always a kid ruining someone's chances at doing something right.

SV G (nl) wrote: Documentary about the life, artwork and writings of the man Henry Darger who died in the 70s leaving behind a vast amount of amazing art & stories that was his world he lived within his mind. A solitary loner of a man that nobody really knew well until his works were discovered after his death. Interesting and visually entertaining film however I was not pleased so much with the choices for the narrative voice-overs. Over all a good film.

Nadya J (ru) wrote: I thought this movie was OK, nothing more nor less. It's probably a good movie to watch if you want to get in to the Christmas spirit, or something.Tony Danza stars as a crook who gets in to trouble after a heist attempt on the local mall. He manages to escape and ends up getting a job as Santa Clause in a Christmas tree yard. He plans to rob the city but is in a moral conflict.I don't think I will be watching this movie again anytime soon because it wasn't that interesting. The one thing that was good about this movie was Tony Danza.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: This is a breath of fresh air in comparison with it's predecessor's, mainly because of the much needed new approach taken by director Cuaron. The problem however with making the series more 'mature' & dramatic with each new instalment is that ultimately the films rest on the performances of it's main protagonist. In this case, 'Prisoner Of Azkaban' only serves to prove that Radcliffe is not an actor though he strives to be considered so. Decent enough support from Thewlis, Oldman & Rickman despite their stark screen time fail to give the film any other credibility outside of it's production design & CGI. The Dementors however are the best part of the film, making them a more formidable villain than Ralph Fiennes' Voldemort in the latter parts of the series.

Ahmed S (ag) wrote: With a cast as talented and diverse as this one, Father's Day should've been a much funnier movie that this. The whole premise is so one dimensional and shallow that it becomes unbelievable for the audience.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: One of my favorites of the series, though most find it to be one of the worst. It's obviously where they started to make Pinhead an icon, and built a movie around him. But I like the rock and roll aspect of it, and some of the great kills. Pinhead also has some of his best lines and moments in this.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/9/2009)

Ayrton Anthony C (it) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.5Puede que no sea una pelcula tan espectacular, pero es una conexin imprescindible con el mgico universo de Harry Potter.

craig m (ca) wrote: ok its flawed but just enjoy the boys own story