Death Machines

Death Machines

An evil Oriental Dragon Lady injects three martial arts fighters with a serum that turns them into zombie-like assassins, and she sends them out against her enemies.

The film begins when an evil crime boss (Mari Honjo) makes a super drug that she then uses to create three fearsome kungfu killers, which she dubs Death Machines. She begins her plot and the only one to stop her plans is a young student. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike S (nl) wrote: Blunt welfare case meets Parisian upper class. Sound familiar? My Worst Nightmare, at first glance, appears like plagiarism of the international smash hit The Intouchables. A true enough thing to deduce, if it didn't in fact see its first light (or rather to say theatre murk) a couple of months before its acclaimed sibling. Comparisons are nonetheless inevitable, when garrulous handyman Patrick insinuates himself into the daily life of art gallery director Agathe and her husband, by reason of their teenage son being best friends with Patrick's equal-aged boy. Rich meets poor, class-distinctions are to be overcome - aye, you can probably figure out the rest. More essential in the narrative is Patrick's struggle in retaining custody of his son. Via renovation jobs at Agathe's and her family, he gets the opportunity he's been looking for. Rather wooden and babbly for the most part, even if things shape up towards the end. Whenever alcohol enters the picture, however, it just turns to tragedy and bizarreness. Not least when Agathe's husband starts two-timing with a girl who is young enough to be his granddaughter. What impressions does one take with you then from such a platitude of a film? That "sugar-daddering" is acceptable behavior and unfaithfulness can be taken with a shrug? From a strictly moral perspective, it's difficult not to be put off. All due respect to love beyond age and boundaries, but I'm sure it can be portrayed with more dignity than this. There's drilling, hammering, clobbering - yes, even a momentary visit at IKEA. But it's not Agathe's apartment that needs a make-over, but a script whose class-conscious themes have been covered countless times before and countless times better. A success in France, granted, but the average Joe will probably require a more mellow piece of entertainment to keep warm with in the chills of autumn.Oh well, c'est la vie.

Isla B (es) wrote: Bored. Just don't care about horses. Sorry Granny.

Tony G (ag) wrote: Based on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the true story (?) of an Olympic water polo game.. about how one of the water polo team player join his friends and turns revolutionary... Despite the realistic set, interesting plot and historical background, the director is too ambitious and tries to explore too many things.. nationalism and rebellion, politcs vs sports, national vs personal goal tat at the end i was just lost.. Result: i was numb by the series of ruthless shootings and bombings, even the water polo match is boringly predictable.

Josh K (mx) wrote: Rasen is the first sequal to the Japanese version of The Ring. Apparently the fans in Japan were not happy with this sequal, so another was made. Rasen is the first sequal and after watching it I see why almost no one likes. Basically, it sucks. It goes in a completly different direction than "Ringu" (the japanese version of The Ring) and the acting is horrible. Plus, it's not even directed by the same guy. I say, FAIL.

Nate T (kr) wrote: Agreeable family fluff that has a pro-nature message. On Blu-Ray.

Kim S (de) wrote: One of the best finish films ever. Genial and painfuly funny, a tragicomical masterpiece.

Angela (kr) wrote: forever lovers? even beyond the grave she could sense him and hear him in what she assumed were her thoughts... she wanted nothing more than for her Jaime to return to her... what she doesn't realize is that it is not exactly the same as they are now from two different worlds.

Joseph D (ca) wrote: A little-known biopic about Jim Thorpe, the greatest athlete in the world at one point.

Jorge A (nl) wrote: Continuacin de "Secretos de un matrimonio" que, en mi opinin, hubiese tenido ms valor sino pretendiese ser una segunda parte de la historia original. Despus de 30 aos de haber separado sus vidas definitivamente, Marianne y Johan vuelven a encontrarse, pero su historia, sus miedos, y experiencias, se ven mezclados de manera un poco inconexa con la historia del hijo menor de Johan, llamdo Henrik, un viudo que quiere que su hija (Karin) se dedique a la msica como chelista. Sin embargo, termina siendo la extraa relacin incestuosa y de dependencia de Henrik y Karin las que mueven los hilos de la historia. Para ser una segunda parte o continuacin de otra pelcula, es inconexa, pero como historia aparte, es buena e interesante.

John W (jp) wrote: Simply the greatest action film ever made.

Michael D (mx) wrote: A star studded cast and an interesting story.

Tyler E (ca) wrote: At this point of the franchise, it seems like herd gets to big to the point of less and less character development, the story also seems oddly convoluted for a kids film. At the beginning the villian of the story was essentially the world reshaping, but later on, the focus was shifted to a stereotypical pirate character.This film does improve on the animation, but seems to not improve everywhere else. While it wasn't a horrible film, it is passable.

Juan L (nl) wrote: boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng.