Death Mask

Death Mask

Wilbur works in an old carnival and shows some gruesome things to the public. He covers his face because he had a sadistic father who burned his face as a child. Everybody makes jokes about his scars and when the new boss fires him, he goes to an old swamp-witch who gives him a peace of wood from a hanging tree. Wilbur makes a mask from this piece of wood and puts all his anger in this mask. When he puts the mask on, everybody who looks at him commits suicide.

Wilbur works in an old carnival and shows some gruesome things to the puplic. He covered his face because he had a sadistic father who burned his face. Everybody makes jokes about his scars... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lesley S (gb) wrote: I almost didn't see this movie because the picture of the movie at the theater looked so goofy and I'm sick of lame romantic comedies. But "Pretty in Pink" is one of my favorite all time movies and I might be one of the few women on earth who has a crush on Jon Cryer :) I'm so happy I went because the movie was awesome. It's really funny and it was different than anything I've ever seen. And that guy I used to love on Mad TV is in it and he's like how funny Jack Black was in when he used to be in good movies! I like about 5 movies a year enough to actually recommend to someone but this one is really funny and makes you feel good. I'll get made fun of for using this word, but it was delightful!

Anna Q (nl) wrote: Okay, so I randomly saw this on like...ABC Family or something. It was very cute. I love Georgia.

Joshua M (it) wrote: The tone and atmosphere are as terrifying as the creatures within it, if not scarier.

Doug R (it) wrote: Waste of a good cast. Stupid far fetched (that's the way it's suppose to be, but...) movie that's not funny. Worst movie that I've seen with Leslie Nielsen. I'm sure there's worse!

Steve L (es) wrote: Loved the way Hannah and Banderas made this flick really funny and hilarious to watch & enjoy.

Allan C (it) wrote: Low budget "sequel" to Bram Stoker's Dracula about the notorious count coming to America to live near relatives in suburbia. The idea of the gothic count invading suburbia isn't bad, but the film is poorly made all around, acting, production design, and especially the script. The film is done straight, but pales in comparison to the excellent first Christopher Lee Hammer Dracula film that came out this same year.

Dustin G (kr) wrote: Interesting and surprisingly relevant to modern times story about a man who needs to go on pills to keep his heart from stopping that turn him into a maniac. It's got a fantastic commentary on the dangers of prescription drug abuse and some of the more serious side effects associated with that. It's also got a huge, bravura performance from the great James Mason. The movie's well done by Ray but you can't help but feel that some of the rougher points could've been smoothed out and a little more technical talent given if someone like Hitchcock of Wilder had made the film instead.

Daniel C (es) wrote: Another great Kevin Costner baseball film, loved it! Solid script and an interesting baseball tale that needs to be seen. Speaks of the great Walt Whitman and his stories and poems which made the movie more enjoyable.