Death Note

Death Note

Light Yagami finds the "Death Note," a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to create a Utopia by killing the world's criminals, and soon the world's greatest detective, "L," is hired to find the mysterious murderer. An all out battle between the two greatest minds on earth begins and the winner will control the world.

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Kevin W (kr) wrote: They weren't kidding about Thai horror movies that they contain a lot of scares. This one had a lot. Music and sfx was great in creating suspense and atmosphere. My gripe is with its' story. Meh.

Maria S (ru) wrote: Really don't understand why so many hated it. It made you think so much. Just thought it was so clever. Didn't like the ending though.

Kelly B (gb) wrote: A lovely romcom that most women can identify with. Funny, entertaining and Colin Firth is pretty hot!

Hannah B (nl) wrote: I loved this film, it was so terribly sad but happy in a way. The storyline was fantastic and is suitable for all ages, it's a family filled fun film for everyone and it is definitely in my faves list! Truly worth watching!

Rodrigo K (nl) wrote: It's a Shame.Eu amava esse filme quando adolescente, e cai na bobeira de rever, quebrando a regras dos 15 anos.Entendi porque o Tarantino odeia o resultado do seu script nas mos o Oliver Stone: Filosofia pobre e superficial disfarada de crtica profunda, takes com efeitos insuportveis que no acrescentam nada a trama e, claro, a Julliete Lewis implicando em ser sexy com dancinhas bem "White People".1 horror.

Matt M (mx) wrote: A young man's life as he turns twenty in the Soviet Union of the mid sixties. With this film, Khutsiyev gives us a priceless look at the life of a young man in the Russia of the time in a touching and charming film that represented a new and modern style of Soviet filmmaking sympathetic to its political times but hinting at a rise in the youth culture. Entertaining from start to finish despite its length that exceeds the three hours, this is a major work that perhaps never got the international exposure it deserves.

Iris J (au) wrote: Great fun, especially the action behind the action'. Jane Russell and a bunch of guys trying to have a serious western, and Roy, Bob and Trigger hamming it up!

Kevin C (it) wrote: Charming tale of obsession. One wonders how some of the contributors remain married. Love the guys who wear a suit for the Cup final. Just one more match....

Alex r (gb) wrote: This is one of those films in the found footage genre that has been lost due to the fact that so many films have popped up in recent memory and have made impact. This one on the other hand never did due to several reasons. First off, the series has been stretched out to its limits and has no shred of creativity left in terms of effective storytelling, and that was apparent with other entries in this series as well. Acting wise, everyone here seems lost, and can't act whatsoever. This is a poorly constructed film with no care given to the film's content and it was clear that the filmmakers didn't care about how the finished product would look. This is a painful film to watch and in terms of found footage, this is among the worst films in the genre. I really don't understand why this one was made, as it offers nothing to the genre, aside from bad directing and acting. In the long run, you'll surely forget this one, and it definitely isn't worth your time. Watch something else as this one is just a painful viewing experience that doesn't deliver any scares or thrills. You will surely be bored watching this film, and you'll be disappointed that the film didn't offer anything worthwhile that would warrant a viewing of this dreadful piece of trash. Pass up on this; you'll be glad you did. Director Geoff Meed can't direct a film, and he never should make another film again. The Amityville Haunting offers nothing new to the genre, and it is a mess from start to finish.