Death of a Gunfighter

Death of a Gunfighter

In the turn-of-the century Texas town of Cottownwood Springs, marshal Frank Patch is an old-style lawman in a town determined to become modern. When he kills drunken Luke Mills in self-defense, the town leaders decide it's time for a change. That ask for Patch's resignation, but he refuses on the basis that the town on hiring him had promised him the job for as long as he wanted it. Afraid for the town's future and even more afraid of the fact that Marshal Patch knows all the town's dark secrets, the city fathers decide that old-style violence is the only way to rid themselves of the unwanted lawman.

In the turn-of-the century Texas town of Cottownwood Springs, marshal Frank Patch is an old-style lawman in a town determined to become modern. When he kills drunken Luke Mills in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham W (mx) wrote: Brilliantly filmed and edited, with one or two decent scares. But the weak script lets it down, meaning that watching this film is a largely dull experience.

Rich B (ag) wrote: It's about time a film captures the true charitable spirit of Catholic youth and their willingness to help others without prejudice. This movie begins with two Catholic school students spreading The Word by delivering bibles door to door in an impoverished neighborhood. At first, all they meet are closed-minded heathens, but they eventually come across a dysfunctional family in need of saving.Unfortunately, one of the students realizes that she is not up to the task of sacrificing her time for the needy family (it turns out the poor girl has a gambling problem and abandons her school friend in favor of playing roulette). But her more spiritual friend, who is played marvelously by Cheryl Lyone, sticks with the struggling family, even to the point of moving in with them.A pivotal point in the film comes when Lyone's character accompanies the family on a camping trip. While enjoying the outdoors, Lyone learns that all of her new friends have physical challenges and she becomes concerned about their health. For instance, the younger brother has a speech impediment, the sister has a drug problem and the older brother suffers from hemorrhoids (which are so severe that he often howls in pain). Realizing that poor families, such as her new friends, cannot afford health insurance and the promise of Obamacare is still woefully unfulfilled, Lyone decides to commit herself to becoming a nurse!We are then treated to many uplifting scenes as Lyone practices her new profession both in hospital settings and on the street. In one touching scene, she comes to the rescue of a homeless man in an alley who has got something stuck in his eye. Lyone doesn't hesitate to help remove the obstruction.Without giving too much away, Lyone never forgets about her adopted family and eventually helps them too. By the end of the film, the younger brother no longer stutters, the sister gives up drugs forever and the older brother even finds a cure for hemorrhoids.This is a very uplifting film and I highly recommend it to anyone who cherishes and believes in the power of the human spirit. Be forewarned, however, that there is some nudity, but such brief glimpses of the human anatomy should be expected in a medically-theme movie such as this.Rich Bottles Jr., author of "Lumberjacked" and "Hellhole West Virginia".

Christopher L (ca) wrote: wow this film is bad my hatred for john cusack grows,The onlt saving grace of this film is the beautiful Gong Li.

Alex M (br) wrote: First movie we saw together 15 years ago. A story about tasting the forbidden fruit, a shameful secret, a hidden love.

Bill B (gb) wrote: Gave this one a second look around Halloween in honor of the Pagan holiday and Tiffany Shepis looking hot in her undies. Hadda bump the score up a point or two, though I stand behind the initial review below.Wasn't sure what to expect, but once the film gets going and the corny dialog and less than stellar acting start to sink in, this actually becomes pretty damned amusing to watch. A woman is attacked by a creature that may or may not be a figment of her imagination, and when she's left alone in the woods with this thing she seeks refuge in a cabin that happens to be filled with two oversexed couples playing erotic truth or dare. Seriously.It's an fun ride unless you're a humorless ass who can't see the fun in a low budget film that seems to be at least a little bit in on the joke itself.Give this turkey a rental and buy a sixer of beer, you just might enjoy yourself.

ogn d (de) wrote: let's see scantily clad attractive muscular sweating guys, who might want to see that? ok, let's say it was not intended for gays ut it was intended for gays nevertheless. i started laughing out loud when that dawned on me somewhere near the end of the film. it also occurred to the makers of "welcome to sparta" obviously.

Juan B (es) wrote: Wtf are you serious just plain wasted my time what a let down

Henrysmovieguide C (us) wrote: Extremely funny and a good spoof. It makes fun of Star Wars in the funniest ways. I love this movie, and you will too. Very good.

Javier D (ca) wrote: Melodrama de 1956 dirigido por Douglas Sirk. Un magnate petrolero, Kile (Robert Stack) y su mejor amigo, Mitch (Rock Hudson), se enamoran de la misma mujer (Lauren Bacall). El primero, alcohlico irresponsable, parace que el matrimonio lo he hecho un hombre nuevo, pero al enterarse que no puede tener hijos vuelve a la bebida. La hermana de Kile (que es interpretada por Dorothy Malone) est enamorada de Mitch, quien siempre la ha visto como una hermana. Y en esta trama amorosa la fatalidad llega cuando Kile se entera de que Mitch siempre ha amado a su esposa. Dorothy Malone gan un scar por mejor actriz secundaria.

Loren R (ca) wrote: Eine Familiengeschichte, die Hhen und Tiefen erlebt, aus der Sicht vom kleinsten Sprssling erzhlt. Die Familie Morgan lebt in einem kleinen Stdtchen, das von einer Kohlenfabrik dominiert wird. Alle, die dort wohnen, gehen auch in der Fabrik arbeiten. Das Leben dort ist schwer und dreckig. Als dann einen Streik angezettelt wird, stellt sich Vater Morgan gegen den Mob. Seine lteren Brder wollen dann ausziehen und der erste, schwere Bruch in der Familie entsteht. Regisseur John Ford erzhlt eine schne Geschichte. Das man trotz schwierigen Verhltnisse, an die Familie glauben darf. Denn diese Geschichte knnte aus dem wahren Leben erzhlt worden sein. Was der kleine Morgan alles durchmachen musste, und trotzdem bei der Familie wieder Halt gefunden hat, ist schn! Doch trotz dieser schnen Geschichte, fehlt es an Etwas. Das gewisse Kribbeln in den Fingern. Denn der Film wird wie nur abgespult, ohne ein bisschen Spannung einzubauen. Das fehlt leider ein bisschen.Der Film bekam 1942 fnf Oscars. Darunter als bester Film. Diese Familiengeschichte, hat es wahrscheinlich an den Awards so angetan, dass die Familie als Erstes kommt. Donald Crisp bekam einen als bester Nebendarsteller. Ist verstndlich. Denn so wie er den Familienoberhaupt spielte, war es eine beschlossene Sache fr den Oscar. Regisseur John Ford bekam einen Regie Oscar. Obwohl dieser Film nicht so stark von ihm ist. Ich denke, seine Filme mit John Wayne hatten mehr Gewicht. Einen Oscar bekam das beste Set. Das finde ich schon Cool. Eine kleine Stadt aufzubauen mit dem Rauch einer Kohlenfabrik, dass sich noch im Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts abspielte. Das ist schon beeindruckend. Arthur C. Miller bekam noch einen Oscar fr die beste Kamera.Fazit: Eine gelungene und schne Geschichte. Leider fehlt an manchen Stellen an Tiefe und an Spannung!

Travis H (gb) wrote: then i give it the big boot.. the cover makes me mad

Charles P (us) wrote: This hour-long film is a spiralling pleasure, an ever-moving '20s keepsake of actions, modern life, and unrepressed cinematic joy.

Thomas E (kr) wrote: One good actor, that sums it up.

Richard D (ag) wrote: Affleck seems to have really got better over the last few years. He's certainly cast here because he exudes a kind of hollow charm that this role requires, but he's also lost his cockily annoying toxic screen presence. I really like this film. It's an implausible, nakedly commercial twisty thriller, but it has beautifully nihilistic satiric sting to it.

Rodney E (au) wrote: Urban Legend is a fairly soulless piece of dreck that is definitely inspired by the post-Scream state of horror in the late 90's. Aside from revisiting campfire stories that you may or may not have heard and see them be executed, all this really has going for it is supporting turns by Robert Englund and a few cameos. I'd see this stuff as a teenager because it was those times and I am a sucker for horror movies and pretty much be disappointed

Ben O (us) wrote: Do not watch. Atrocious script, acting, direction, special effects, storyline, characters, and casting. I've never watched a film as noteworthily poor.

Tyler P (es) wrote: Pas mal, un bon Van Damme.