Death of a Superhero

Death of a Superhero

A dying 15-year-old boy draws stories of an invincible superhero as he struggles with his mortality.

Donald maybe is a eccentric boy in everybody's eyes but he has special imagination and a talent for art that nobody knows. When he gets a dangerous illness which threatens his life, Donald fights against the sickness and understand the meaning of the life with the help of family, friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott B (fr) wrote: Ricky Gervais playing a complete Douche bag... So it's a true to life documentary.

Jared L (ca) wrote: Opening with a swooping french rendition of Micheal Legrand's The Winds of Windmill which we all remember as the main theme to the 1968 classic, The Thomas Crown Affair. Xavier Dolan's 4th film to date is a dark and tense take on the Hitchcockian thriller. I especially enjoyed how at the same time the film was extremely homophobic, it was also very homoerotic. In particular, the Francis character was one of the more interesting antagonists I've come across lately just for the fact that even though the audience knows there supposed to hate him, and they should hate him, that they get sucked into believing that when hes being nice he can change. We get sucked into the same "charisma" that Dolan's character gets sucked into. For a young lad of 26, Dolan shows great future promise. For any man that can direct and act in nearly 4 films before the age of 25 is extremely promising. I expect great things from this man in the near future. I'm still just undecided on the ending.

Walter M (br) wrote: It is one thing for a movie to rhapsodize about the importance of small details not only in life but also in art, especially that of Pieter Bruegel. And then you have a movie like "Museum Hours" which takes it a step further in not being able to see the forest for the trees and concentrates on the activities of a solitary squirrel to the detriment of everything else. Which might not be a huge problem if there was anything going on in the foreground. What little we have here concerns Johann(Bobby Sommer), once a road manager for bands, who now works as a security guard in the fine arts museum in Vienna. In his spare time, he listens to AC/DC and plays online poker. That leaves plenty of time to hang out with Anne(Mary Margaret O'Hara) who is in town from Montreal to care for an ailing relative in a coma. Since she has little money, their options are limited. But getting her a museum pass proves to be little trouble. But the movie gets bored with that, going off on random tangents and even throwing in a few naked bodies at one point to see if anybody is even paying attention anymore, much less still have a pulse.

Christophe C (fr) wrote: Je me souviens d'un (C)pisode d'X-files avec le mme thme (et la voix de Jodie Foster)... Bah y'a 15 ans c'etait bien bien mieux fichu, et surtout plus court!

Qasim Arif S (de) wrote: Excellent Work.....................

Suanne S (us) wrote: Excellent from an Akron Girl!

laurent c (ag) wrote: Of course, everyone should say that Noomi Rapace gives a real good performance. That said, the storyline has already been written and filmed too many times to surprise anyone. Overall very disappointing.

Filippo P (es) wrote: La Ramazzotti sempre pi brava e Mastandrea livornese una sorpresa. Classico film familiare italiano, ma le emozioni non mancano! E poi c' la colonna sonora nostalgia..

Vaibhav W (us) wrote: This Japanese film feels more like a stage play than a feature - decent attempt with subtle spoof elements!

Haseena P (us) wrote: It's gripping from beginning to end. Wonderfully told. It perfectly captures the unbiased reality of the storm Katrina brought to NOLA's citizens.

Kaushik B (gb) wrote: cringed at seeing all the characters...wanted to slap the hell out of them...

Julian T (ag) wrote: An uninspired, and completely unoriginal film with no redeaming qualities. Its a thriller for middle aged suburban parents who say 'gosh darn it' when they stub their toe. Honestly, I just sort of tuned out for most of it. How suprised I was when I came to 45 minutes later and realized I hadn't missed a thing. You can pretty much set your watch to the fact that every 15 minutes, the main characters will get a clue about something thats about to explode, and then get out of the way just in time. Horrible acting, and an immensely head scratching subplot involving a family that hasn't left their house in 50 years. Seriously, don't waste your time.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Winning example of style over substance--Well secondary, yet watchable!!

Ole J (ru) wrote: four steps of a robots life, different robots. Robot baby - a small robot baby that has to be handled like a real baby, to prove they can take care of this in order to be able to adopt a real one. Robot fixer - this one I didnt get that much, hes in a coma after a carwreck and I think he dreams of himself and his mother. Machine Love - a new kind of interactive person "G9 iPerson" a working robot who is build to interact with his employees, but the real persons just think hes a freak and not someone you can talk to. This is the best of the stories in my oppinion. Clay - the end of the tale, ends up kind of where it began, everyone shape their own life and their own possibilities.

Jerome P (ag) wrote: This totally hits all the notes it wants to. The comedy is great combination of physicality and small town social commentary. The characters are great and well-performed. And, I think I may gotten the DP his gig on this without him ever knowing! I worked with Derek Rogers on a couple of shorts. Then I was asked by a film friend if I knew any DPs as he knew a producer on New Waterford Girl and they were looking for one. A year and half later I see the poster and there's Derek's name on it. How about that.

Livia G (it) wrote: It's all about the pride of an Austrian

Duncan C (mx) wrote: Plucky British officers in daring, far-fetched escape from POW camp. And it's all true

Amanda G (it) wrote: Hmmm...entertaining, but the obsession of Betsy Drake's character was more scary than charming. I kept thinking the girl should seriously see a psychiatrist, that Cary Grant should call the police to report a stalker, and that he would do well to steer very clear of her.

Bobby D (au) wrote: Watching WB flims from thier Golden studio age almost everything is perfect. Bogart takes the gangster role and just delivers an A++++ performance. Lupino gives real believablity to the gangster girlfriend role. Downsides are minor, some rear screen production values don't hold up but the action was really good when the cars got rolling. Director Walsh working closely with the author had some interesting mnior social commentaries still relevant today. The media circus during the manhunt, everyone losing thier farms or homes to the banks, and the old adage of never judging a book by it's cover as Bogart's character falls in love with a woman he thinks is "pure."

KARLA E (kr) wrote: Loved it. Kinda sad, but the story was well told. I keep falling for Mr. McGregor a little more every time I see him, and this did just that.