Death of the Megabeasts

Death of the Megabeasts

A team of scientific detectives from around the world attempt to crack one of science’s most enduring mysteries – what killed Australia’s megafauna?

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Dr A (jp) wrote: Allow me to sigh beore I write about this film (long sigh)... What the hell was I expecting from a movie about two lobnely garden tending ladies in the coast of south west England? Horror would've been more apt for such a scene, specially with a stranger found on the beach, but it offered no more than a story with many gaps, let's say it all resulted in a fluffy accidental mystery though nothing was really explained... and that's the problem with adaptation, that the writers try to be so faithful to the original work they forget about the creative freedom that film allows and REQUIRES in order to transmit a VISUAL story.OK, then, I can't blame Maggie Smith or Judy Dench, though an actor can only do so much with a flimsy story like this, but I was ratherintirgued by Dench's obsessive and over-bearing character, roles which i like to see her in instead of that smart iron dame she always seems to be casted for or chooses to be in (she could well be the Morgan Freeman of female actresses, always the same character over and over again when in such roles), but this time she could've been better used, but wasn't.I've extended myself too much on this movie and shouldn't have, because it was so bad. And on that note I'm done.

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