Death of the Virgin

Death of the Virgin

May is a young Canadian woman with a horrifying past vowing to enter the nunnery in a spiritual small town. There she begins to be tortured by premonitions of murders that seem to be related to the paintings of Caravaggio... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Death of the Virgin torrent reviews

Collin R (au) wrote: over dose of nudity gore and terrible acting

Moe R (es) wrote: Probably Jeff Goldblum's best performance to date! A surreal film, not in a bad way, and a great film!

Kellie G (ru) wrote: I really disliked one of the main characters. There wasn't an inch of him to like, which really let the film down. I would rather have known their stories and where they came from. It was entertaining, but it really just had a beginning that didn't turn into a middle and the ending was like.. and?? The cinematography and the music was wonderful though, and some of the cast were a real delight. The aboriginal tracker really made me laugh in parts - the best thing about the film.

Donald H (mx) wrote: To bad there is no English version the subs are hard to read, but good.

Robert A (it) wrote: A movie Donald Trump believes is true and should not be in the sci-fi section. Donald Trump thinks he too can prevent crimes of thought beforehand by lone-wolves. Donal Trump is delusional. You don't have to be.

Ariel R (ag) wrote: Not good. Not good at all.

Rob B (mx) wrote: crazy intense for a true story!

Eric R (mx) wrote: Trancers 5 is the left over shit form Trancers 4 and it is pretty much pointless. I really hate these sequels that are filmed back to back as they usually take one story that could really stand as one film and they stretch it out, trying to make two fucking movies and add a lot of pointless padding in the process. Trancers 5 is no fucking different.Still trapped in a medieval dimension, Jack Death and his band of rogue humans must once again defeat Caliban in order to find a medallion to send Deth back to his own dimension. That's it.This whole film could have been cut down to 20 minutes, tacked on the end of Trancers 4 and we would still have a film that ran a regular hour an half length. This is just a bunch of bullshit. Deth having to hunt down a precious stone in order to get back to his own time has to be the most quickie, shit story concepts they could have possibly come up with.Thanks to Trancers 5 being filmed back-to-back with Trancers 4 we are still graced with the same shitty acting, the same shitty dialogue, and the same poor production values, just with a more shitty script. The most disappointing part of the film is when Jack Deth and a rogue Trancer enter a "castle of horrors" in order to claim the medallion and the "horrors" just end up being some kind of orgy party. What?!What a disappointing final film for Tim Thomerson in the series. The writers should have combined this and Trancers 4 into a tighter, more comprehensible script and it would have worked good as a sequel. No instead Charles Band gets greedy and decides to make one film into two to get more money and in turn stretches out the thin script too far as well as the money resources. See it if only you are a diehard Trancer fan and my advice is to stop here. Yes there is a Trancers 6 but unless you're a masochist... stay away!

Daniel R (br) wrote: A con man dies and comes back to earth doing good deeds in this predictable, overdone comedy.

Ryan V (kr) wrote: Good humor and acting makes this a late 80s winner, especially due in part to an early Julia Roberts performance.

Larry (nl) wrote: good movie has some stupid moments in it!

Jesse O (jp) wrote: This is an earnest and heartfelt little movie, with a great performance from Kevin Kline. This is one of those sentimental feel-good movies about the little guy that becomes beacon of goodness in the face of corruption and it was a pretty damn good one at that. Personally, I think Kevin Kline tried too hard to be likable, like the little man that can overcome every obstacle put in front of him in order to become a better president than the guy he was hired to replace. Maybe that's how the script was written, but Kevin Kline tries to be too likable, almost to a fault. That's not to say Kevin isn't good, because he is very good and the film, while it has a good script with plenty of comedy, relies on Kevin Kline's shoulders and he's certainly up to the task as he delivers the goods. I think the script also has some pretty serious "dark" moments, particularly for how light-hearted the film is. Like the whole stroke thing with the real president, that guy never gets out of that coma. It's not super dark, but you don't usually see that in these light-hearted, silly comedies. So I thought that was a good touch that added a little more serious touch to a silly story. The cast is really quite good and they're definitely the reason the film gets the score that it does. The script is also quite funny and I think that combination makes the film a lot of fun to watch even if it is a little sentimental.

Dailiesel M (nl) wrote: Great movie hell yeah,excellent god job..