Death on Demand

Death on Demand

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"Wealthy college student Richard Sachs arranges a web broadcast contest originating from a local haunted house. He entices three young couples to spend Halloween night in the abandoned ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Death on Demand torrent reviews

Bethany E (nl) wrote: Emotional roller coaster

Stephanie H (au) wrote: Adorable movie. Storyline isn't the most believable, but sometimes that makes the movie more fun. A must see for any young ones.

Leonard D (ca) wrote: A truly great tour de force of a sci fi film, despite some of a few of it's problem's! The ship is obviously a cross between a walnut and a seashell, but it's a very original design! And it morphing into a silver arrow, blasting off at heart stopping speeds!? Sign! It gives you the ultimate thrill ride of a lifetime!

Grace C (ca) wrote: all time teen classic!!!! its up in the same category as sixteen candles, pretty in pink, cant buy me love.

Sam B (br) wrote: The British answer to Godzilla is more believable than the whole slew of Godzilla versus sequels and the Gamera the spinning turtle movies. Aside from the obvious man-in-a-suit gag, the special effects were pretty good for its time.