Death Rage

Death Rage

A professional killer is lured into a deadly double-cross when he agrees to assassinate a Mafia kingpin.

A retired hit-man decides to take one last job to avenge the murder of his brother by a mafia gang. An eager would-be mobster helps him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sorgens D (nl) wrote: Joanna Hogg y Tom Hiddleston siempre van a encontrar la manera de deprimirme horrores, cada que estos dos se juntan deberian advertirle a la gente que va a acabar llorando. Art House, si no les gusta el Art House contemplativo ni la hagan al cuento se van a dormir.

Laurent M (us) wrote: Comdie bien sympathique!

Antwan J J (kr) wrote: look out for that T-Rex

Antonius B (ag) wrote: Such an endearing movie. Yes, it's predictable, and uses the time-honored romantic comedy formula of the friend who was there under one's nose all along being the 'true love' in the end (that's hardly a spoiler folks), but it's very well done, and I've always loved it. Mary Stuart Masterson and Eric Stoltz turn in sweet performances as non-conformist high school kids (her a tomboy, him an artist, both mechanics) trying to find not only love but also their paths in life. Lea Thompson is the popular girl Stoltz falls for and pursues, and turns in a strong performance as well - if you get a chance, watch her facial expressions in the scene where she slaps her rich boyfriend, played well by Craig Sheffer. But Masterson is the one to watch here: tough, funny, and incredibly pretty. John Hughes had a quite a run in the mid-late 80's, and in producing/writing this film, I consider it among his best work. What a fantastic last line, "You look good wearing my future", and final song, a very nice cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" by English band Lick the Tins, capping off a great soundtrack. This one makes me smile.

Zachary G (jp) wrote: My favorite when it comes to Christmas Classics.

Candee K (ru) wrote: Great movie, Bob as a baby photographer gettingmixed up with murder

Stephen M (jp) wrote: Pretty good follow up to the original but the story feels more forced than it should be.