Death Rite

While traveling to a resort in Tunisia, the magician and clairvoyant Professor Vestar befriends the idle millionaire Edouard Vangard and he offers a ride in his car. Vestar discloses to ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 94 minutes
  • Release: 1976
  • Language: French
  • IMDB link: Death Rite
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. . Vestar discloses to . While traveling to a resort in Tunisia, the magician and clairvoyant Professor Vestar befriends the idle millionaire Edouard Vangard and he offers a ride in his car

Death Rite is the best funny movie of Claude Chabrol, Paul Gégauff. The released year of this movie is 1976. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Franco Nero, Stefania Sandrelli, Jean Rochefort, Gert Fröbe, Gila von Weitershausen, Moheddine Mrad, Jalila Baccar, Madame Ben Chadly, Habib Chaari, Cecile Labussiere. The kind of movie are General. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Alex H (ca)

Heck, anyone who loves practical effects and makeup would probably get a kick out of it. Definitely a must-watch for horror fans - especially zombie enthusiasts. A pretty cool look at the story of KNB Efx Group

Byron B (kr)

nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Henri L (es)

A perfect film?. And the guy who laid out the dolly tracks deserve his very own award. The acting is mysteriously cool. The story is told bravely and mysteriously beautiful. He uses music brilliantly and he knows when to go completely silence. Poetry in motion. He frames his actors perfectly and he knows exactly when not to cut. Coversations have for instance only seldom seemed so honest in any film as they do in the hands of this supposedly Greek master. At the same time though you are again and again surprised by the supreme adventurous film craft going on. On one hand the aesthetics of this '98 Palme d'Or winner is highly conventionel (seen with European film eyes anyway) with impressively long takes, glued together by very slow paced camera movements. That is the case with "Eternity and a Day" anyway. Just like it's alphabet this movie by Greek director Theodoros Angelopoulos is extremely beautiful and something for every filmmaker to look up to

jay n (ru)

Most enjoyable. She and Gregory Peck have a good chemistry. Sophia looks incredible as are her clothes. Fun mystery thriller

Jeff D (us)

Marilyn Chambers gives what might be the best performance by a porn star in a non-porn film

Manon M (it)

Wonderful for little girls, I guess. . . A few good songs. Cute

Marjan S (us)

A beautiful love story

Oliver H (ru)

-0. Remarkable. I am afraid this is a unique wonderfully strange film

Philip Z (es)

guilty pleasure for sure. . . Should I have? Probably not, but I did so. I had fun watching it. It's fun. Is it a good movie? That question feels irrelevant to something like this

Renato Z (jp)

Definitivamente de lo peor que me he visto. Que cosa tan horrible. Mala, malsima