Death Scenes

Death Scenes

Vintage Hollywood themed shockumentary.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   jealousy,  

Various pics and footage of real death . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Death Scenes torrent reviews

Bryan B (it) wrote: It was better than Zombeavers, so that earns it a 1/5.

Inta K (gb) wrote: interesting movie about twin power and how they alternate other people realities and make them kill themselves. nice psychological movie!

Matt B (it) wrote: The failure of this film to capture the imagination of the american public can possibly be attributed primarily to the american public's inability to tolerate films of any subtlety, preferring overt comedies and overt dramas to mixed bunches. A good film, and self-explanatory in it's own unique way.

Craig S (jp) wrote: Directed by: Robert Krause.Starring:Rebecca R. Palmer, Ben Price, Tom Frederic.<<"You can't outride death">>The story follows Anne, a bike enthusiast who happens to have a one night stand with another which turned rough and the memory haunts her. Three days later, her and her boyfriend travel to the mountains for a bike trip and before long, the man she slept with starts stalking her and she must do whatever she can to survive his vicious ways.Wow...OK the main reason I rented this was because of the video store I just started working at. It's classed as a 'library' because it stocks the largest range of DVD's I have ever seen and you can find anything there. I saw this in New Releases with the reviews all over the cover and really was expecting a hidden really is not.The one star goes to some of the visual style. The editing is interestingly done, slightly hyperactive but with the attempt at trying something a little different with the camera work and keeping up with the fast pace of the bikes, it works well for the most part...but that isn't going to save the film from what it is.Horribly dull, badly written with bland dialogue and one of the stupidest victims I have seen in some time, the film plods along with nothing going for it. The idea of the film is as old as anything and is simply giving a new cover, but once you get through a 3rd of predictability and every horror clich available, the new direction wears off.The acting is mediocre. I had heard that the main actress Rebecca R. Palmer gives a strong performance...was that for this film? Aside from a few moments towards the end (which by the way, is the only halfway decent part of the film), she over delivers through the 'intensity' and is bland everywhere else...and don't get me started on the rest of the cast.I guess we all pass these films from time to time (more recently in the last decade), but it wasn't a great start to what I thought could be a good run of 'unknown' films. Bland, horribly written and smothered in clich, Blood Trails isn't worth the rental.

Rhonda Q (de) wrote: I loved this movie even though it brought out what all women feel about growing old. Great music!

Mehmet Y (ru) wrote: Belfastin Katolikler ve Protestanlar arasindaki bolunmuslugu arkaplaninda acayip lezzet veren bir cete hikayesi.. Hem buyuklere hem kucuklere..

Andrea L (br) wrote: Tctica y estrategia, Mi tctica es mirarte aprender como sos quererte como sos, mi tctica es hablarte y escucharte construir con palabras un puente indestructible, mi tctica es quedarme en tu recuerdo no s cmo ni s con qu pretexto pero quedarme en vos, mi tctica es ser franco y saber que sos franca y que no nos vendamos simulacros para que entre los dos no haya teln ni abismos, Mi estrategia es en cambio ms profunda y ms simple mi estrategia es que un da cualquiera no s cmo ni s con qu pretexto por fin me necesites. Mario Benedetti

John A (kr) wrote: Americanised UK Brit Horror, Which It's Title Is Better Than The Film Itself. Sure It's Cheesy, But This Is A Hard Film To Watch Start To Finish (Which I Managed To Do). This Is A Must Avoid, Not Unless You Fancy A Disastrous Horror Flick, This However Became A Cult Classic.

Craig C (br) wrote: Robert Redford's directorial debut deserved every Oscar it received and truly was best picture of 1980. Essential.

Gordon B (kr) wrote: In his bittersweet swansong Chaplin does what he does best, which is look despair & hopelessness in the eye and laugh. It's both a funny and gentle film

craig s (au) wrote: awful don't waste your time. cheap and terrible film. no scares and god awful acting.

Dan G (kr) wrote: wow. i can't believe i haven't seen this movie sooner. so awesome and violent