Death Scenes 3

Death Scenes 3


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Death Scenes 3 torrent reviews

David C (kr) wrote: great movie and clever way to stop weapon factories

intuciic (gb) wrote: amazing and touching movie about some people lives. there are things in life that each of us if going through, different are way we see them, way we react on them. sometimes even when you are going through tough times you can help somebody else whose also not in that good position.

Daniel G (it) wrote: i thought about parallels with nick cave's stuff frequently watching this, and its clearly equal to the comparison

Corey n (es) wrote: This is a comedy that was hit and miss for me. It stars Dan Aykroyd as a college professor who gets conned into pretending to be a pimp called Doctor Detroit. This movie does have some funny moments. Aykroyd is funny in this. The story is kind of silly. But I guess that is expected for the story to work. Aykroyd has made much better comedies. But if your a Aykroyd fan the check this film out.

David F (de) wrote: This movie showcases Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren and Rome at their nadir in crisp, Italian color. Each plays three roles in three short stories. The first has the two actors playing a poor couple in which the wife is threatened with prison for illegally selling cigarettes. Rome provides them with few opportunities to get by and eventually sends Sophia to prison when the authorities show up and for once she is not pregnant. In the second, Loren plays the bored wife of a rich businessman who flirts with Mastroianni until he crashes her car. Here the colorful, busy streets of Rome are briefly glimpsed before the couple sets out for the countryside. In the third, Loren is a courtesan who understandably attracts both Mastroianni and a seminary student with an adjoining roof. The Rome of this tale is one of private apartment rooftop balconies overlooking the more public squares in which the furtive lusts and desires of humanity are grappled with outside of the agora. Parts one and especially three have an exuberant good humour while part two achieves a kind of icy sophistication I associate with many of the best post-war Italian films like La Dolce Vita, though it doesn(TM)t quite reach the depth of the ideas of that great film. While the comedy could have been more amusing it(TM)s a pleasure to watch these three actors in the prime of their careers.

Vincent P (us) wrote: Filled with transparent critters (really Bert I know you can do better), Lon Chaney's hysterics and an eye gouging, it's a hoot of a 50's sci-fi movie.

WS W (kr) wrote: And the boredom continues...