Death Sleep

Death Sleep

Two woman dies. And at first they think they commit suicide. But some perkular situations, gets Maria Wern and her coworkers to start digging deeper in the case. And the case take an unwaiting turn, when the police finds more bodies.

Två kvinnor utan synbara kopplingar omkommer i vad som först verkar vara självmord. Men de märkliga omständigheterna får Maria Wern och hennes kolleger på gotlandspolisen att gräva djupare, och snart blir frågorna allt fler. Var det någon som förföljde kvinnorna? Finns det anledning att tro att de led av någon slags psykos? Och finns det trots allt en gemensam nämnare...? Utredningen svänger åt ett oväntat håll när polisen står inför fyndet av ännu fler döda kroppar ? och snart tvingas Marias kolleger Ek och Erika betydligt längre in i händelsernas centrum än de räknat med... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sameer V (jp) wrote: One of the better crime movies to come out of Bollywood in some time; love the authenticity of the characters and the awesome dialogue which more than compensates for the not-so-brilliant plot. However, the final third of the movie is so stretched out and filled with unnecessary (and bloody ridiculous) events that you end up feeling a little... unsatisfied.

Kevin C (mx) wrote: Excellent revenge thriller from Romania. Truly terrifying and bleak, but stunning. You're convinced true horror is around every corner, and quite often it is. Has its own pace, and is beautiful to look at.

Rifa G (ru) wrote: it wz awesome wit clik 5 an allit was about two fans wanting a boy band to play at their high skol to get bc dignity

Gary W (gb) wrote: Excellent movie occupied Czech during WW2 about life and death choices.

Terry G (it) wrote: By far, the worst film I have ever seen!

Tre Bluey O (us) wrote: Randy Quaid was born to play Elijah C Skuggs.

Mark S (us) wrote: Not one of Billy Wilder's best, it's very cynical and doesn't quite have the heart of some of his other films, but it contains an excellent Oscar-winning performance from Walter Matthau (all the more surprising given he had a heart attack part-way through the shoot).

DA Z (fr) wrote: I went into this film blindly, so the fact that it's narrated in an apocalyptic world (where people slowly begin losing their 5 senses) caught me entirely by surprise. That said, it had an incredibly poignant and original plot, with astounding performances by Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. It was as romantically charming as it was existentially dark and tormenting. While the the film's finale may initially feel unsatisfying, it leaves one pondering over our perception of daily life and everything we often take for granted.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: The movie's story wasn't all that interesting to me but The movie has some really dope and creepy FX that made it worth watching.