Death Warrior

Death Warrior

A gritty MMA fighter is forced into a twisted, underground gambling ring in which he must fight to the death with other MMA fighters in order to save his wife from certain death at the hands of a maniacal crime boss. In a desperate race against time, he is forced into a series of increasingly violent life and death matches while simultaneously piecing together the puzzle which leads him to uncover

Five of the best mixed martial arts champions from around the world are forced to play a deadly game, a game to the death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolas P (us) wrote: Bon film si l'on adhre l'intro / prsentation de la situation... Scenar assez bien ficel avec un emprunt aux actualits rcentes assez probant.Ne pas y aller si on cherche un film d'espionnage classique avec scnes d'action en veux tu en voil... on en est loin et tant mieux !

John P (us) wrote: This is what I get for watching a free film on Youtube. It draws you in with a handful of candy (candy being the video game franchise Dead Space) only to pull you into their van, have their way with you for an hour and a half, and throw you out on the outskirts of town. That is how I felt after watching this piece of dog shit of a movie. Not only that, but there were many other things that just made me shake my head saying, "What the fuck?" So this movie takes place after the events of the first Dead Space video game where ANOTHER military spaceship heads towards what is left of the decaying planet only to retrieve what's left of The Marker. Lo and behold they get more than they bargained for as the four survivors tell different sides of their stories after being interrogated by the rescue team. This may have been an interesting concept, if only Dead Space Downfall did not do it first and that is when this movie started to draw me back a bit...and even more and more and more as the film went on.The four main characters that are giving their sides of the story are pretty much your standard cookie cutter characters in horror survival films. Let's see; you got the troubled tough guy who's trying to get over the loss of his child, the wounded hero who has seen too much in his short lifetime, the religious zealot who thinks an ancient death machine is a sign from the Heavens, and most importantly your Asian, I mean the female medic who assists her group. You also have a bunch of other characters who are easily forgettable because they're your standard military guys who say things on their dying breath like, "Leave me and take this to the ship! That's an order!" and "I'll be taking youse sons of bitches with me!" The animation in here is also a huge disappointment in here as well. Like the poorly CG characters that look like the graphics were done in 2001, but the anime cartoon side was okay to say the least but I have a feeling that the people who made the animations didn't actually communicated with each other when making this movie. The reason I say this is because there are many inconsistencies between the stories. Like the paranoid black guy who keeps seeing his dead daughter in his mind, who is black wearing a pink dress, and then when he tells his side of the story she is Asian wearing a white dress. And then there is the Captain of the spaceship whose beards tend to change between stories from full beard to short beard and even a goatee at one point. Overall, this movie is one big mess and should not have even been made with the 2.5 million dollar budget that to make it. You can take this film out of the Dead Space continuity and no one would have missed it and that is why I give it only a one star.

Tom C (br) wrote: Good humor, crying, action, a bit of all.

Ryan Gordon F (de) wrote: this is a great film. The characters are believable. They definatly chose the right actresses and actors to star in this film.

Tina C (nl) wrote: pretty good movie.. it was funny..

Nicola F (ru) wrote: OK on 1st impressions this film is warped with a capital W! incest and bdsm aside i suppose there this film does deserve some artistic merit... the film is based on a novel by George Bataille (1897-1962) and his work always sought to reveal a supreme life, free of the mundane restraints. the film explores the incestuous relationship between a 17 year old and his promiscuous mother. if you look deeply enough one could argue that his mother is initiating him into a world of sexual liberation, after including her son in an orgy she leaves him for a while to reflect upon what she has done, leaving him in the care of Hansi who befriends him at his mothers request, soon the pair fall in love and then Hansi reveals that she and his mother have participated in sado-masochistic sex as a dominatrix.when the boys mother returns they talk to each other and look into each others eyes as though they were lovers, then she invites her son to sleep with her, he agrees. Personally i don't think it came off quite as artistically as it should have, understandably leading to a lot of controversy and negativity. for me it was a little slow in pace and not much narrative to go on, the whole film is essentially a motif for an extremely taboo subject. However i do think that the cast were brilliant in portraying their roles and it was well directed... its not a film for the purposes of entertainment

Yago C (es) wrote: very touching, but funny, movie, that deals thoughtfully and truly with adolescence in the context of contrasting provincial life with city life. top notch performance by all the leads, especially alice and her mother and father.

Christie B (nl) wrote: cute movie, but a little slow.

Paul L (it) wrote: riveting and powerful

Diego B (ag) wrote: De las mejores pelculas mexicanas, o por lo menos del eterno nuevo cine mexicano.

Lady D (mx) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

James H (au) wrote: Good in it's own right, but the similarities to "Gilda" are too hard to ignore. Fine cast, Rita is quite ravishing. The costumes are great and the art direction is excellent too. Entertaining.

Karen G (ca) wrote: love it every time i watch.

STCENTERPRISE (mx) wrote: This film was so impressive. A film that depicts the crude and terrible conditions in the Russian navy. It uses unique editing technics. I uses huge crowds of extras. The scale of this film looks awesome. I have never seen the technic where selective color is used in the coloring of this film. I loved and was shocked when I saw a Russian Red flag appear in this film that as a whole is filmed in black and white. This was very impressive when you hear that this film was being edited up to the end, The cuts were being edited together up to the end so much so that the cuts were being licked together before the opening premier. I enjoyed the film musical score. This is one of the best silent films I have ever seen. I just wish I understood with more context the culture or what was going on with some of the large crowds or why people were being attacked. I found it unique how not everything needed subtitles or was given subtitles so that the audience could interpret what was going on in a scene. This is impressive when you consider that this was made by a 25 year old where this was his second film of all time and was hired by the Russian government to make a propaganda film.

Jude P (mx) wrote: You can say funny, dramatic sad and lot more. Above all brilliant move making.

Robbie V (ag) wrote: An older, more comfortable but still engaging Woody.

Jacob C (gb) wrote: 70/100 - The chemistry between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith makes MIB what it is. It's a little corny (but intentionally so), a little shallow, but also really fun. It's definitely not something that requires much if any thought, but it's near the top of that category in my mind. The comedy is smart and quick, the production values are high, and the plot is just ridiculous enough to be good escapist entertainment.

Robert I (br) wrote: Yep, it works. Stallone is amazing as always. FUNNY!

Russell S (jp) wrote: Bursting with style, imagination, great action and a fantastical twisting plot, this is a great rollercoaster ride of a movie. The violence may be cartoonishly over the top and the expletives a little too frequent - but this is the perfect Arnie vehicle and a very entertaining one.

Judge L (de) wrote: Was much better when I was a kid.