Death Water

Death Water

Newspaper correspondent Kyoko Togakure (Haruka Igawa) visits a nursing home in the outskirts of Tokyo. She finds the dead body of a resident. It was an apparent suicide. He's holding a piece of paper with the mystifying word "Death Water" written on it. Nearby are blood-stained scissors, and his eyes are squashed. She has no idea that this death is just the beginning of a horrendous nightmare.

Newspaper correspondent Kyoko Togakure (Haruka Igawa) visits a nursing home in the outskirts of Tokyo. She finds the dead body of a resident. It was an apparent suicide. He's holding a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham W (br) wrote: Never would've watched this if it hadn't been set in Leicester. The story was slight, and it felt like it ended about 15 minutes too early. But, on the whole OK-ish.

Sandy K (ca) wrote: High school boy who is content to drift through life with minimal effort (and buzzed most of the time) undeservedly earns the love of a girl and painfully learns the truth about his father.

John M (fr) wrote: There's a good story here, and it's a little more casual than the force feeding Eastwood does in a lot of his work, but there's still too many melodramatic scenes here that call "Bring me to the Oscars" to get fully engaged. That being said, Tim Robbins is fantastic as is Sean Penn.

Jinu C (mx) wrote: The Matrix meets LOST.

KIm A (nl) wrote: I loved the book and the movie wasn't that bad.

Eddie F (us) wrote: I haven't laughed this hard since Bringing Down the House...

Senor C (jp) wrote: Want to know how 3rd rate this slasher flix is? Well it's directed by Dominick Brascia the fat fuck who gets hacked up w/ an axe in F13th A New Beginning. Even more so it stars Scott Baio's brother Steven Baio. @ least he gets his head stuffed in a mircowave to met his bloody demise..for how improbable that is. Postmortem slasher that's high on the cheese that is actually tolerable for a few laughs but that could just be the beer talking. I did especially like when that guy was stabbed in the groin & it came out his ass but Im a bit of a sick fuck like that. Ive probably seen over 100 films of this ink & it's far from the worse but trust me it's not that good. In fact I found it pretty dull for close to the first hour. @ least we got to see the F13th A New Beginning Fangoria issue

Allison F (au) wrote: Shockingly no chariots or fires. Would have been better if you could tell the two guys apart and if they spent a lot less time talking.

Private U (ru) wrote: This is an exceedingly beautiful and nicely paced drama about a Samurai's ill thought love towards a taken court woman. The acting is a bit too over the top for me and there's some problems with the portrayal of the whole affair. Still, it tells a lot of the era and Japanese mindset. Extra props also for the Taira-clan playing a part in this. And the colors are beautiful.

Justin M (fr) wrote: I would totally go gay for Katharine Hepburn.

Dave R (mx) wrote: was in the mood for some 80s cheese when i watched this - it didn't disappoint! everything about it screams cheesy 80s. good fun if that's what you're in the mood for.

Steve W (ag) wrote: Unfortunately the talented cast is wasted in this film and not even my appreciation for Dakota Fanning engaged me. I didn't even like her character very much here and much less the rest of the cast. I was amazed to see how little Demi Moore and Richard Dreyfuss were used in this film; there could have been a better movie somewhere if they were given more importance. The lack of personality from any character just makes this film even more boring and tedious. There have been so many good coming of age films over the past year that this film simply fails to reach the bar that was set so high by Kings of Summer, The Way Way Back, and The Spectacular Now. This could have been an opportunity for two strong female leads but they simply didn't have much to work with.

Spookie M (ag) wrote: Pure grindhouse mayhem! One of the first Troma movies this is alternately hilarious and disturbing. There is even a training montage for the depraved psychos in the movie.