Another Decamerotic comedy , this time with Orchidea de Santis ,Krista Nell and other nice girls.

Another Decamerotic comedy , this time with Orchidea de Santis ,Krista Nell and other nice girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (jp) wrote: Cassadaga is a ok horror movie about a girl feeling loss of her sister goes to this town . A killer that likes to string is victims up like puppets. C+(2013)

Hannah F (nl) wrote: Nice period drama. Lacks in many areas but then it is a true story. Would recommend it for a one-off viewing.

Martin B (mx) wrote: Great movie about the finnish Rock sensation HurriganesFrom the early 70's until the late 70'sReally well done

The C (br) wrote: Superbad is a hilarious teen comedy about how far people will go for a night with the girl of their dreams. It is full of jokes, alcohol, and a guy named McLovin.-The Critic

D G (de) wrote: Cute little gay romance set in the 80's. Brett is a hottie! lol

Kristopher B (fr) wrote: didn't care for the story or the score.

Bengel W (au) wrote: Nicolas does an exceptional job in a difficult themed film that is horrific in its storyline. Music has ethnic origins and adds deeply to the mystery with an odd kind of wonder. Be prepared to go into the surreal and debauched lives that some people lead. The women act strongly and with ferocity sharpening the tragedy. Nibbles: Cream Crackers and Cheese.

Leonardo P (de) wrote: Worse movie I have ever watched. His performance is revolting and annoying .

Shannon S (ca) wrote: Good but short. Also, I'm not sure that being on the lam after shooting your wife necessarily constitutes "travel."

Andrew W (gb) wrote: Overrated and not very good

Dyron W (es) wrote: At only 22 years of age, Eddie Murphy has took the world by storm with his edgy, profane and genius brand of comedy along with his spot-on impressions, and this memorable concert film perfectly showcases these skills, earning him a place as one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

Paula S (nl) wrote: If you dont see this you will go to hades 8-)

Matthew Y (fr) wrote: Action Thriller meets family drama... A collision so catastrophic it should never be repeated. Despite the draw of seductively sassy Amber Heard and rising star Hailee Steinfeld, it's the lead Kevin Costner that struggles to shine.

Lauren S (gb) wrote: This film had some good ideas, but it really lacked structure.

Eric N (gb) wrote: Post-college confusion meets romantic comedy. Endearing, but a little vacant. I guess that's what Gen X is all about, isn't it?Watched this in 2013 so it probably has lost a lot of its relevance if not all by now, but it is sort of original and puts a timestamp on the early 90s in a pleasurable way. Watch it if you want some 90s nostalgia in a grown-up sense.

Ryan S (br) wrote: 5/5. The best of the excellent Edgar Wright Cornetto trilogy. It's hilarious and fun, but also dark and emotional.