A man returns to his hometown after his father's death and soon enters into an affair with the wife of his old best friend.

A man (Long) returns to his hometown after his father's death and soon enters into an affair with the wife (Chriqui) of his old best friend (Mably). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Berni E (it) wrote: I am sure this documentary is brilliant for anyone studying children in cinema. But I am not, so whilst I found most of it vaguely interesting, it didn't hold my attention.

Paul K (kr) wrote: Another piece of intelligent drama from Denmark. It's complex, multi layered and beautifully narrated. These are plausible characters trying to behave well in a harsh world. Excellent.

Dickie L (ca) wrote: While hardly subtle, thankfully this isn't as broad as the OSS117 series of films. Comedies don't often translate well, and spoofs especially so. The performances and direction are on the money enough to warrant this a pass mark, and as much as I hate racial stereotyping, at least the Mexicans poke fun at themselves here as much as the other nationalities that feature in the film. Miguel Rodarte hits just the right note as the millionaire crime-lord cum action hero, and Rodrigo Oviedo bears a striking resemblence to Rafael Nadal. Not great, but it could've been a lot worse.

Lindsey S (us) wrote: I loved it! Dig! gave me a whole new appreciation for both bands and the musical genius that is Anton Newcombe and the patient efforts and perseverance of the hardworking Courtney Taylor. I will certainly be listening to these bands on repeat for the next couple weeks, maybe months... What an awesome mini revolution we had in alternative rock in the late '90s. Who knew!

Gordon R (gb) wrote: A daughter seeks the truth about her father's death and must confront mommy, who's being accused of pushing an elderly lady down the stairs. Sound suspenseful? It's not.

MIke W (es) wrote: Not a good movie but has Clauida Christian

Jacob K (it) wrote: A fun movie. Is it good? No. But I had fun watching, and it was not a waste of time.

Richard G (ca) wrote: I had great memories of this 1985 comedy, especially of the comic performance of John Murray.WOW, time certainly improves things - I finally saw it once again after 20 years and this movie was really weak. John was likable, but like the rest of the cast, he didn't have much to work with. Of course this comes from the people who made the "Police Academy" series. I don't need to watch those again to recall how bad they are.

Ian F (ca) wrote: A great comedy that is more accessible than Waters' earlier films but still edgy enough to not be to everyone's taste. The laughs are sustained, helped by a cast that overacts perfectly.

Greg G (kr) wrote: The first short was amazing. The angles and shots were amazing so imaginative. The mixture of Opera in the whole story was beautiful. As the story progressed the opera became the teeth of the killer. A very interesting use of soundtrack from innocent to sinister, which i haven't seen used before. Regretfully the other two stories did not have as original shots, music, or story ideas.

Ken T (mx) wrote: What a hidden gem this turned out to be...I got so involved with this one that I missed out on a new premiere. This worth that one look...Bravo SyFy