Deceitful Storm

Deceitful Storm

David Morgan (Stefan Sims) is a businessman living in Houston who embarks on an adulterous affair. His wife, Rena (Karyn Lewis), must decide whether his infidelity is the last straw in a ...

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Deceitful Storm torrent reviews

Scott B (it) wrote: Absolutely wonderful! Engaging from first frame to last, excellent acting and smart and resourceful protagonist. Some contrivances here and there, but really they come with this kind of horror film. An absolute gem!

Margaret S (ca) wrote: ic story, but the story itself is still nice..

Andrew B (kr) wrote: This movie makes a point at doing what it set out to do. And that is basically show you a guy torturing people for an hour and a half. But as a movie it is actually brutally boring and slow. Director Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino are friends, so during the original advertising for Hostel every commercial would end with some reference to Tarantino having some indirect involvement in the film, which obviously made this idiotic movie garner more attention. Take that stamp of approval from Tarantino and this movie probably would have made half the money it actually did, and that mostly from people who just wanted to see how gruesome it could actually be. But put that all aside, and take the actual substance of the film, there is none what so ever. Boring and shock value do not go hand in hand.

Rose A (au) wrote: Couple meets and finds romance in Paris, but married life back home loses the charm quickly. How to get it back? Crystal is very funny, as is the rest of the cast..

kerri 7 (de) wrote: this is so bad that it's on the way to being good.

Robert S (es) wrote: technically, it never rises above made for TV quality. But for a thriller romance with earnest performances, it nails it. Warner hits it out of the park, and McDowell and Steenburgen play against him perfectly. I am always surprised by how emotionally arresting this film still is, esp in the last half hour.

Bill M (au) wrote: The TV spinoff must not have been very good either, since tt only lasted six episodes. I think, subconsciously, Widmark must've rebelled at being on the right side of the law.

Richard G (it) wrote: Somewhat entertaining!

Adam R (au) wrote: "The second movie, the best one so far, remembered what made the Star Trek TV series so special: not its special effects, not its space opera gimmicks, but its use of science fiction as a platform for programs about human nature and the limitations of intelligence." (Roger Ebert).

Marks V (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies that I love to watch whenever it's on cable

Frances H (ca) wrote: No Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but a pleasant enough movie to watch once.