Declaration of War

Declaration of War

A young couple wrestle with their child's cancer diagnosis.

When their young son is diagnosed with a brain tumor, young parents Roméo and Juliette unite in the fight for his survival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Declaration of War torrent reviews

John W (fr) wrote: Animation looks great voice actors are very good and story was entertaining

Anthony T (ca) wrote: great cover crappy film

Luciano G (gb) wrote: It is what it is, a cheap, cobbled together horror movie full of plot holes that, so long as you turn your brain off and your expectations down, you'll have a good time watching....

Mykel N (mx) wrote: Horribly horribly fun and stupid.

Patryk C (br) wrote: Unfortunately, it's just another 'chilled-out' comedy filled with sex and idiotic puns. Ashton Kutcher may look believable as the playboy, who gets all the girls, but it's remarkably silly that he is able to do so without any money whatsoever. So predictable that it's painful, a rom-com of the most ordinary kind.

Henry W (nl) wrote: Its so sad, its like the quintessence of life, all the disappointment and terror of life wrapped up into 1 package

Wayne H (kr) wrote: I watched this on SyFy channel. It was entertaining. The coolest thing was the modern 'fire weapon' used by Beowulf in this flick. There are a ton of Beowulf and Grendel movies out there. This was is decent...

chyann i (us) wrote: the most low-buggeted horror movie i've ever seen! but its soo crappy, its hilarious!

Movie K (de) wrote: Andy Lau dances well in the movie. And Sandra Ng finally got the chance to be the girlfriend of Andy after so many years in the movie industry. Anita Mui also have quite a good acting. Enjoyable movie.

Nicolas L (ag) wrote: The cinematography is excellent; that's the only positive thing I have to say about this film. The characters are dull at their best and irritating at worst. The score is overbearing. The underwater shots make me think of 'Jaws' and how much better that movie is. I ALMOST laughed, which should give you an idea of how funny I thought this horror-comedy was.

kj D (nl) wrote: Troma makes perfect A-list "B movies"! Just what you'd expect from the sick-genius minds of director Lloyd Kaufman and co-director and writer James Gunn. A+ in every way! Hot chicks, Lemmy of Motrhead, and Shakespeare...what more could one want?!

Brad S (ag) wrote: I'm not sure if I saw this before, but if I did, I didn't remember any of it. The script is really cheesy, but the performers are engaging. Downey is great as at different points, he acts out each of the 4 different "souls" taking over his body, and nails it. An easy watch, give it a try!

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: Asombrosa direccin artstica

Tamie S (gb) wrote: really enjoyed this movie. don't let the criticism of this movie prevent you from watching it.

Rishabh20 G (ru) wrote: The best romantic drama movie ever

Ryan B (de) wrote: If I had two words to explain this, it would be low budget. This film had little to nothing going for it. The acting sucked pretty bad, the action was hardly there and the horror was....well there was no horror, just a lot of blood. I think what attracts people into watching this is just seeing Danny Trejo's menacing face on the cover and he's only in I think 3 scenes. The two things this does have going for it was the few action sequences and the blood splatter, other than that it's a s..t movie. Unrecommended

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: I'm a big fan of Charlie Kaufman and, like many of his previous films, I love the way it talks about existential crisis and relationship problems with humor and honesty. There are a lot of good things in the film; the stop-motion animation is quite stunning, I loved the voice performances (Jennifer Jason Leigh is absolutely wonderful), and Carter Burwell's score is terrific. I loved its themes and I was emotionally engaged for the most part. I think it falls apart in the third act, and there is this one gag involving a Japanese antique toy that I thought was out of place. The final shot is lovely and generally speaking, there are more things to like than dislike. I liked "Anomalisa" and it is worth watching for its animation and themes.