A fatally shot female gangleader recounts her sordid life of crime to a police officer just before she dies.

A mortally wounded female gangster recounts how she and her gang revived an executed killer from the gas chamber, to try and find out where he buried a fortune in cash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (es) wrote: I kinda like Ken Loach's simple & unadorned style. By using new faces, unprofessional films actors, telling some underdogs' fighting back stories in a plain & direct way. THE ANGEL'S SHARE is just another example. Still bittersweet inspiring but somehow isn't really impressive enough this time.

Dimitri C (br) wrote: There's some great visuals and animation is sometimes (but not always) great. But despites strong action sequences, "Tad" is boring most of the time, due to inconstency dialogues and a lack of humor.

Dave P (jp) wrote: Superb feel good movie of the kind Hollywood would struggle to make

Rosalind W (ru) wrote: Althought it still talked about Aaron and Liu Kai Chi, the style is different from the previous moive. C+ is a little bit horrible and excited to me, but B+ is just a normal case-chasing movie. You can't say it is bad or not good, just love C+ more~ Anyway, worth to watch since we need to support HK movie~

Mette M (jp) wrote: I'm kinda thorn by this movie. The main character and all the children are cute and stunning and there's some fun moments but there's no real action going on. I really wanted the kids to escape this world at one point but nothing ever really happens. I know the flowers symbolizes the maoism etc. at that time but it doesn't really come across. The movie and its action could have been much stronger. Fang is the only highlight and he saves the movie from being all rotten.

Lilian W (de) wrote: And again they look back, this time with gratefulness and nostalgia. I like the fact that Michael was not just the interrogator here but he was actually part of it, observing with them and looking back about how he had been a part of their lives and how his project shaped them.

Davide P (kr) wrote: If I would have known not to buy that nelly cd I wouldnt have. I thought that I would think these were horrible but actually like finding out about these fights.

MK F (de) wrote: disappointing and unmoving despite the unique art style. bad character development.

John Joseph M (us) wrote: A welcome walk down memory lane with sweeping camera moves, superb Goblin score and freaky set pieces.

Carolyn C (ag) wrote: A good dramatisation of the novel. It shows the struggle of people to fit into difficult environments and highlightd the advertsities faced in isolated communites.

Zoran S (it) wrote: Very well photographed. As an RKO short, this is fairly engaging even if hammers its macho existential metaphors a bit too much.