A traumatized and blind young man makes a living singing, and searching for his childhood sweetheart.

A traumatized and blind young man makes a living singing, and searching for his childhood sweetheart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janice G (au) wrote: I feel as if this movie was about a deranged angel of death. At least that is what I was reminded of when I saw the red x's on the door and realized they were out lambs blood.... I couldn't help but to think Exodus in the bible. But other than small connection which isn't a connection at all there is no plot unless you consider bring a family to a small town and slaughter them. It doesn't explain how the evil got there or why they can't get rid of it. If you've got a couple hours of your life to loose then watch it. If not then skip it.

Dan M (br) wrote: Once again, Tom Hanks shows why he's one of the greatest actors ever and it helps when he has an excellent supporting cast. I have a feeling that the climax was a bit "Hollywood"(ie it didn't really happen that way) but it was thrilling nonetheless.

Abigail M (fr) wrote: This is absolutely my favorite movie.

Chelsea H (nl) wrote: want to see it!! got to see it got katherine heigl in it!!!!!!!

Luke B (ag) wrote: An extraordinary band of misfits embark on trying to win a Scrabble tournament. I love seeing people with such eccentricities. I enjoy a good game of Scrabble, but these guys are obsessed. This also damages them as characters. Most don't have jobs, instead deciding to focus on Scrabble. Also, they don't tend to be that smart. They simply memorize what's allowed and what isn't The film takes us to a number of places and events, but never gets exceptionally interesting. It also doesn't build up the tension of the games, just simple notes on who's winning pop up on screen. A nice piece as a simple observation of a strange world, but doesn't explore the subject.

MARIAM (br) wrote: this movie was awesum !!! Kevin is a good actor =]

Daniel M (us) wrote: A cookie for the kids, mush for the adults.

Paul Z (fr) wrote: This low-budget buddy film may lack punch or edginess, but owing to the charm of the intergenerational bonding at the warm heart of the story and the mentor-protege dynamic between its two charming leads, Diamond Men turns out to be a mildly pleasant film that means well, and is made all the more worthwhile for its fantastically satisfying ending.

Adam R (au) wrote: Ron Howard's take on The Truman Show is entertaining, but a little inappropriate at times. I enjoyed the general concept of the film. (First viewing - Summer 2008)

Ryan D (br) wrote: Memories: * * * [size=1]1/2[/size] (Hot)Shakespeare in Love: * * (Cold)Singin' in the Rain: * * * [size=1]1/2[/size] (Hot)On the Waterfront: * * * [size=1]1/2[/size] (Hot)A Streetcar Named Desire: * * * [size=1]1/2[/size] (Hot)

Vincent W (au) wrote: nice try. A decent, very standard cartoon for kids. The best thing I can say for it is that Jim Cummings strikes again with a brand new deep, melodious villain voice.This is a good film to put on for the kiddies while you are cooking dinner. Harmless, light entertainment. It still isn't as good as classic Disney animation though.

Derrick M (gb) wrote: Fairly inaccessible if only because of the thick Barnsley accents throughout. Fantastic local movie from Ken Loach.