Deep Jweley Jai

Deep Jweley Jai

A nurse at a psychiatric ward gets a bit too involved in the well being of a patient.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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A nurse at a psychiatric ward gets a bit too involved in the well being of a patient. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan R (ag) wrote: Really enjoyed it! In 3D it was a good experience.

Christopher E (de) wrote: Everyone should watch this movie!! It will bow your mind...

Tit M (es) wrote: ca vole pas haut mais ca rappelle l humour des robins des bois avec maurice barthelemy a la realisation les dialogues sont cons mais marrants

Alejandro C (kr) wrote: Tpica a ms no poder. No es tan graciosa como pudiera parecer

Serious D (br) wrote: Funny my childhood movie

Mark H (es) wrote: a fun story, a little bit silly

Richard S (de) wrote: That was some hat she had in that hat box.

Linda L (kr) wrote: great sundaynight movie.

Grant G (it) wrote: A truly endearing tale that so aptly preserves time and place; it's regional voice and ability to transport one to the similar memoirs of WASP parents (or grandparents) is remarkable. I felt like I was there, in so many scenes.The writer/director so perfectly empathizes with his characters, that -- despite the audacious circumstances that they stumble upon -- one can never doubt their veracity. Some of the sunset silhouettes (the hodgepodge of ages and classes clamoring after contrasting objects-of-treasure, amidst the fresh ruins of Blitz bombing) are the best in cinema. And the voice of Churchill silencing the ambient sound arrests me as plainly as its characters who drop everything to huddle around the radio.This film is as watchable today as it was over 20-years ago!

Timothy S (es) wrote: "Evilspeak" is a goofy and gruesome male variation of "Carrie" that tires, and almost succeeds, to rose above its meager budget. I admired the fact that the film tries to tell a story, albeit a convoluted one that's been told before. It's not another dull slasher film that was all the rage at the time when this was made. It takes itself seriously, a features a likable and empathetic lead performance by Clint Howard in his first starring role. The satanic angle is something we don't see a lot, and even though it's kind of watered-down, it's still pretty convincing. Ultimately, the film is too ordinary to be anything really special, but it tries something new. And for that alone, I am eternally grateful. Besides, you have to give some props to any movie that features characters being killed by wild boars. The special effects are convincing, but there's so much story that they are pretty much confined to the final half hour. The direction by first-timer Eric Weston is sluggish, making for a slow first hour. There's almost too much plot, and as much as you feel for the Howard character, the revenge is strangely unsatisfying. His tormentors aren't really as despicable as Carrie White's were. "Evilspeak" isn't an entirely successful movie, but it's a lot better than what you're expecting. It's a curious film that defied an era, but ultimately, it's just too dull. Howard is a likable guy, the gore is kind of cool but not much happens for a good portion of the film's running time. And in this case, that's kind of a shame.

Ami I (ca) wrote: Snporaz (Marcello Mastroianni) wakes up during a train ride and has a brief fling with a woman in the bathroom, but it's cut short when the train suddenly stops and the woman gets off. Snporaz follows her into the woods, through the wilderness and into a Grand Hotel overrun with women in attendance for a surrealistic feminist convention. He winds up in a conference about polygamy, where his presence is rejected. A frightened Snporaz retreats to the hotel lobby, but the exit is blocked; instead he seeks refuge with a girl who offers her assistance, Donatella (Donatella Damiani), inside an elevator.Donatella leads Snporaz into a gymnasium and forces him to don roller skate|roller skates. He is yet again cornered and berated by a group of angry women who circle around him in roller skates and practice testicle-kicking with a dummy. Dazed, Snporaz makes his exit down a flight of stairs, falling down and badly hurting himself, and into the domain of a burly woman (Jole Silvani) tending to the hotel's furnace. The woman showers and offers him a ride to the train station on her motorcycle, but stops by a farm and lures Snporaz into a nursery, where she tries to rape him. The rape is cut short by the woman's mother, who steps in to chastise her daughter, and Snporaz decides to follow instead a lonely woman through the country side. He joins her and her girlfriends on a car ride on the promise of being delivered to the station, but the ride goes on well into the night and all they do is hang out high on drugs and listen to techno. A frustrated Snporaz ditches them and is harassed by them and two more cars until he finds shelter in the off-limits private property of one Dr. Xavier Katzone (Ettore Manni), who hails gunfire on his persecutors.Dr. Katzone promises to deliver Snporaz to the train station the following morning and invites him to stay on for a party. Snporaz walks around Katzone's extravagant household, which is filled with sexual imagery and suggestive, phalic sculptures. He is also fascinated by a collection of photographs hanging from the manor walls that become alight by pressing a button and whisper out arousing dialogue. Katzone takes pride on his many inventions and sets on to celebrate his 10,000th photograph with an eccentric party that involves the blowing of 10,000 candles and a performance by his wife, in which she lures objects such as coins and pearls into her vagina by means of telepathy. It is in this party that Snporaz comes across his ex wife, Elena (Anna Prucnal), who has a drunken argument with him, and meets Donatella again.The police (composed solely of women) arrives, interrupting Katzone mid-song, announcing the imminent demolition of his house. They also inform him that they've shot one of his dogs, Italo, his most beloved. A grieved Katzone gives burial to him. Meanwhile, Snporaz dances to Fred Astaire with Donatella and a friend of hers (who are both dressed in scant clothing), but fails to sleep with either of them, instead getting stuck with his ex on bed. Unable to sleep and hearing strange noises, he crawls under the bed, entering a dream-like world in which he slides down a toboggan, along the way revisiting his childhood crushes (a sitter, a nurse, a prostitute). He is caged at the end of the slide and transported before a strange court, where he is judged for his masculinity. Although he is dismissed to go free, he decides to confront his tentative punishment, and escalates a towering ring before a feminine crowd. At the top of the ring he climbs up a ladder and into a hot air balloon in the shape of Donatella. Donatella herself fires at him from below with a machine-gun, bursting the balloon and sending Snporaz plummeting to apparent death.Snporaz then wakes up on the very same train from the beginning of the film, showing the story to have been a mere nightmare. Just as he comes to this conclusion, he realizes his glasses are broken (as in his dream) and that the wagon is filled by the women that crowded his dream. The train then races into a tunnel and credits roll.

Brian S (nl) wrote: Aside from its setting on the island of Mykonos in Greece and that it was banned in Britain as a "video nasty", there's really not much to be said about this slasher film and morality play. None of it works very well, from the bad pacing to the poor acting. The only goal of the film seems to be to shock its audience with depictions of incest, bestiality and homosexuality in addition to the expected murders. The splatter effects are dated and fake-looking now and the "perverted" sex scenes range from banal to mildly distasteful, since even what would have arguably been the most disturbing of these -- the lead character having sex with a young goat -- is shot in such a way that the punch is entirely pulled. Of historical interest only in that it was the only Greek film banned in Britain at one point, it plays like a dusty museum piece now.

Danny R (br) wrote: Comedy classic about a teen who working one day at a prestigious golf club, gets schooled on how things operate. He has an ulterior motive; he wants to caddy for Ted Knight who plays an important club member, because the club gives out a college scholarship every year. Along the way he caddy's for several interesting characters. The casting is perfect. Dangerfield's usual one liner jokes hit every time. Chase plays his usual smartass self and Murray impresses the most as a groundskeeper intent on catching a pesky groundhog terrorizing the golf course. This comedy works because of the cast.

James B (br) wrote: Fantastic movie.....

Karsh D (fr) wrote: Based on the true story of the 18th and 19th people pulled alive from the wreckage. To be brutally honest, the real horror of that day is still so fresh in the memory any film based on it will always seem that bit stronger for it.

Cameron F (it) wrote: Teen football drama that is a paint by numbers sports story.