Deep Purple: Heavy Metal Pioneers

Deep Purple: Heavy Metal Pioneers


Witness the history of the legendary band, their friends, and their fans in an hour long program of live archival performances, in-depth interviews and behind the scenes footage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deep Purple: Heavy Metal Pioneers torrent reviews

Tim C (ca) wrote: One of the more interesting films I've seen in a while, enjoyed it.

Emily R (kr) wrote: This movie is way beyond strange, but I like the ending.

Adeline T (us) wrote: I want to read the book now. This is new for me. In year 6, I learned in geography that, "The youngest province of Indonesia, the 27th province, is East Timor." Then later in history class (where we were forced to memorise all one sided story with dates, names, places etc), I memorised that "Indonesia saved East Timor from Portugese colonialism." I realised that it was all a lie in my first semester in university (I was 18 then). Now I see the other side of the story more in depth. I am ashamed to call myself Indonesian :-( History has to be re-learned and re-told...!

Corey S (ru) wrote: Such an awesome film especially the slow mo fight moments like in Sherlock Holmes

Ben G (us) wrote: I should have just stuck with the trailer to this movie instead of subjecting myself to it.

Harman K (fr) wrote: Excruciatingly boring.

Dylan G (mx) wrote: This is what i call a guilty pleasure! It's fun, and hilariously stupid in a good way! B+

Tanya M (gb) wrote: kinda cheesy but i can forgive it! cute movie!

David P (de) wrote: Not nearly as fun (or as funny) as Houseboat Horror, but well worth it to see Lisa McCune's placenta attack her husband.

Leo L (ag) wrote: An interesting film!

Hli L (de) wrote: Who would've thought Meryl and De Niro could ever do wrong? Excuse me while I vomit. At least Frances Conroy has moved on to much greater things since...

Sarfara A (it) wrote: Charley Varrick a heist film, directed by Don Siegel (Dirty Harry). Starring Walter Matthau (The Odd Couple), Joe Don Baker, John Vernon and Andrew Robinson (Dirty Harry). Based on the novelv The Looters by John H. Reese. Walter Matthau was nominated for Best Actor by BAFTA. Walter Matthau and Andrew Robinson attempt to rob a bank in small town, and get away with it - getting rid of dead wife (who was shot in the process of driving) by burning the vehicle and her body in it. The two change their getup and vehicle with Crop-Duster van. They come to realize that they have stolen money from mafia, as bank manager discloses the amount less to reporters; as compared to bulk of dollar bills. They must go through planned scheme to evade getting caught. It started robustly, I thought (believe me) I was going to watch a comedy film, but soon realized upon shoot-to-kill process that this was utterly different to my expectations; and no sooner did I lay my eyes on Walter's expressions, I knew the guy is something of a mystery man. Walter gives strong and occupying performance in this chase-thriller. It is fast and entertaining. Too much in too little rates, is good enough. If you are fan of 'heist' movies , this is it really.

Team C (au) wrote: + ...greatest comedy ever made.- ...n/a

Anne W (au) wrote: En sjarmerende og morsom film.

David M (fr) wrote: An exceptional neo-noir. One of Gene Hackman's best performances.

Jay S (mx) wrote: Excellent film; the most notable actors have to be Johnny Depp and Leonardo. With that being said: it takes much appreciation to understand the power of Leo's performance and the transformation/creation of Johnny Depp's suave style. Overall a sentimental and heartwarming movie, it thoroughly explains the entailment of heart into manhood.

Cassandra M (us) wrote: What Have They Done to Solange? puts all of it's efforts into the mystery that it is uncovering. Unlike a lot of giallo, this one doesn't put the focus on overly gory death scenes and use the mystery as an excuse to string them together; it's focus is the mystery, and the murders are secondary to it. Due to the graphic and sexual nature of the death scenes, however; this is probably a good thing. The plot of the movie follows an investigation of the death of a schoolgirl. After the death, a teacher at the school, Enrico, becomes the main suspect because of his close affiliation to several of the girls in his class. When more schoolgirls turn up dead, Enrico and his wife decide to try and solve the murder themselves.The mystery pans out very intricately, and small clues as to who is the murder and their motive are given out slowly as the film goes along; thus keeping your interest, but not giving you enough to chew on so that you will be able to solve the mystery, but it does give you enough to chew so that you will be able to develop theories as to who the murderer is. This is a very good thing, as it makes sure that the film is interesting throughout and it is guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Trust me, you'll be begging to know who and why after the amount of suspense this movie builds up. That's not to say that this movie is all build up either; it pays off the viewer's patience at the end with a conclusion that is satisfyingly tragic, and also one that makes sense, and thereby gives the murderer and his intent a definite degree of potency, and we can even feel a little bit for him. A lot of Italian horror movies seem to fall down at the end as their conclusion doesn't make perfect sense, but that is not true of this movie; and that is a definite plus point.This movie is given another edge over a lot of other giallo thanks to a great score by the king of great scores, Ennio Morricone. As usual, Morricone's score fits the film and gives it more reason to be memorable. The acting in What Have They Done to Solange? is not one of its main plus points, but it's not bad either. The screenplay is great, though, mostly due to the fact that it doesn't feature anything that's needless and it keeps developing for the entire duration of the movie, and this therefore makes sure that the viewer has to pay absolute attention to the film as missing two minutes of it could result in missing something important to the mystery, and it therefore ties the viewer to the movie in that way. This movie isn't as heavy on style as other giallos; as previously mentioned there's no overly gory death sequences, but it more than makes up for this loss in style with an abundance of substance, and that is better for this kind of intricate mystery.Overall, What They Done to Solange? is an absolute highlight of the giallo style and is therefore recommended to anyone that likes this kind of movie. Unfortunately, What Have They Done to Solange is not readily available and that therefore means that people that want it will have to dig for it; but trust me, it's worth it.