Deep Red Love

Deep Red Love

High school student Juri leaps to her death. Afterwards, Juri wanders to her house, school and street. She feels loneliness as nobody else is able to see her. She talks to those that she comes across including her mother and classmates, but nobody responds to her comments. Juri then sees a horrifying monster, which she never saw prior to her suicide. She calls the scary monster "Bug Man". When the mind of humans become weak, the Bug Man tempts those to commit suicide. One day, Juri walks along the street as usual. She then meets a girl that is able to see Juri. Juri names the girl Ringo-chan and plays at the park with her. Their happy moments does not last long. When they come back from the park, Juri sees Ringo-chan's mother with a grim face. The Bug Man is standing behind her mother.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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High school student Juri leaps to her death. Afterwards, Juri wanders to her house, school and street. She feels loneliness as nobody else is able to see her. She talks to those that she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deep Red Love torrent reviews

Santosh N (jp) wrote: Starting with the title this movie brings with it all the unused creativity from the past 83 years. Must watch!!!

Colin B (jp) wrote: Excellent film. I think everyone should watch it. If not only once.

Al H (nl) wrote: A film about bullying and revenge

JohnnyLee T (ag) wrote: No stars. Unbelievably ludicrous.

Martin F (ag) wrote: Strange and somewhat compelling. Boring at times but it was just okay

Alan W (fr) wrote: I thought it would be depressing and some of it is rather, it was still very watchable and the performances are excellent all round - director has a tendency to do M&S/Nigella Lawson like closeups a bit too much though

Jason R (nl) wrote: I have a soft spot for Anna Tsuchiya. She does quite well in this film. It's pretty bonkers.

Nick M (de) wrote: A hilarious take on the relatable, always awkward visit to meet the parents of the one you love; De Niro and Stiller share excellent chemistry with embarrassing, cringe-inducing humor that makes one feel as uncomfortable as Greg "Gaylord" Focker feels; The delivery of the humor in the film works with a subtle, toned down directorial approach from Jay Roach ("Austin Powers" franchise); Clever writing and fine performances all around. 3.5/5

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/27/2013)

Adam M (au) wrote: Morgan Freeman's performance IS the movie; the rest is a supporting cast trying to work themes a rewrite by James Toback would have fully realized ... and we would be locked into Reeve's dilemma more than just as our ticket to meeting Fast Black ... Points for Anna Horsford and Kathy Baker (who makes a foul shot as the white Whore With the Heart of Gold), and for the one-man theatre of Andre Gregory.

Ed Fucking H (gb) wrote: A furious faux documentary made in 1971, that really encapsulates the social unrest and animosties from both sides of the fence of that era. The deal is political prisoners are given a choice between prison terms of various length or three days in punishment park, where they are to play a sort of capture the flag game. This game is also to serve as a training ground for police, national guard and military personel. The results are very violent, the performances impassioned and the overall effect unsettling. Unlike anything I've ever seen, and put simply probably the angriest film I've ever seen. Strongly Recommended.

Robert R (ag) wrote: the format went against everything Ron Hippe taught us in musical genre. i am confused.

modestguitarist (ru) wrote: Awesome Sunday afternoon viewing

Jessica H (ca) wrote: Poltier is impressive and so is this film for the year that it was made.