Deep Sleep No More

Deep Sleep No More

1940, Mr.Wu goes to Shanghai to visit his girlfriend, he discovers a case as well as a bulk of printing equipment. Pierre, a wealthy French Jewish merchant flees France to escape the Nazis'...

1940, Mr.Wu goes to Shanghai to visit his girlfriend, he discovers a case as well as a bulk of printing equipment. Pierre, a wealthy French Jewish merchant flees France to escape the Nazis'... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vojin I (es) wrote: Hvala Predragu Dakicu na ovom izuzetnom otkricu! Ni ovaj nisam uspeo da nadjem na DVD/X-u...

John P (us) wrote: This movie crashed and burned before it even left the runway. Don't waste your time on it.

Steve B (us) wrote: highly enjoyable, feel good film

Alex C (au) wrote: Despite being really fucking long (146 minutes) and very depressing in most parts. I thought the movie was very well done and Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen have wonderful on-screen chemistry.

Ela T (jp) wrote: I was not expecting so much but this movie surprised me. The movie script is based on the memoir of the painter Henri Cueco. Great performances, a beautiful photography. It shows a way to live life in a good way, how to choose right and wrong, to learn and listen people who really like us. Pleasant surprise.

Night Of The L (mx) wrote: GRAN PELICULA! Basado en una historia verdadera nosotros podemos ver una lucha verdadera para la libertad en el pasado. Respete su idioma en la escuela. Como su pas lo quizs tenga tambin. es debe bilinge en la escuela

Hal M (fr) wrote: Too self-serving, and supplies absolutely no insight into the vital question of why Hutu hatred for the Tutsis could have reached such a boiling point.

MEC r (fr) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Pele L (jp) wrote: Who would've thought Antonio Banderas could be so funny!

Aaron C (ru) wrote: Steven Seagals first film he wanders around breaking peoples faces,sharon stone plays his sookie wife,great support from grier and 80s slime Henry Silva,is it me or does everyone in this films universe drive around in town cars

Stephanie G (ca) wrote: I finally watched this again after a very long time, and despite the primitive special effects and the several continuity goofs, this is so much better than the remake. I just wonder how come Zeus never thought about punishing Thetis. I wish they made more movies like this, more plot and acting than special effects and monsters.

Ola G (de) wrote: Dr. Edward "Eddie" Jessup (William Hurt) is a university professor of abnormal psychology who, while studying schizophrenia, begins to think that "our other states of consciousness are as real as our waking states." Jessup begins experimenting with sensory deprivation using a flotation tank, aided by two like-minded researchers, Mason Parrish (Charles Haid) and Arthur Rosenberg (Bob Balaban). At a faculty party he meets fellow "wonder kid" Emily (Blair Brown) and the two eventually marry. Seven years later, Eddie and Emily have two daughters and are on the brink of divorce. When Edward hears of a Mexican tribe that experiences shared illusion states, he travels to Mexico to participate in what is apparently an Ayahuasca Ceremony. During the walk into the bush his guide states that the indigenous tribe they are meeting works with Amanita muscaria which they are collecting for next year's ceremonies. An indigenous elder is seen with Banisteriopsis caapi root in his hand prior to cutting Jessup's hand, adding blood to the mixture he is preparing. Immediately after consumption Edward experiences bizarre, intense imagery. He returns to the U.S. with a tincture and begins taking it orally before each session in the flotation tank where he experiences a series of increasingly drastic psychological and physical transformations...Ken Russell has always been known for movies out of the ordinary with added shock value, nudity and violence. By looking into the unexplored territory of the brain and how you can expand it with drugs and other means to have mental and physical experiences you simply cant have otherwise is intriguing. I remember when "Altered States" came out, but I didnt actually see it until last week, which is strange in many ways. The script was written by Paddy Chayefsky, based on his own novel which in return was partially based on the work of neuroscientist and dolphin researcher John Cunningham Lilly, who invented the isolation tank, and first started taking drugs while "tanking". Russell manages to create eerie and frightening vibes/visuals and with a superb William Hurt in the lead (his breakthrough role) the film has solid grounds. Yet, Russell ends up in some drug infused psycho babble that isnt really coherent nor clear. The primal state of mind and Jessups sudden transformations makes you wonder what the hell is going on as Russell fails to deliver something that makes a bit more sense despite the fact that he is moving around in uncharted territories. I admit that theres something interesting in "Altered States", but theres too many things that needs more meat on the bones to satisfy me at least. Trivia: The film's box office failure and Ken Russell's onset behaviour, including a row with Paddy Chayefsky led to the director becoming a virtual pariah in Hollywood.

Andy F (gb) wrote: Considering when this film was made, it is stunning. An early Cool Hand Luke if you will, but more mature. Muni is superb.

Charlie E (it) wrote: great follow up movie