Deep Space Explorer

Get the fantastic space ambient feeling with special future sound in realistic HD Resolution.

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Get the fantastic space ambient feeling with special future sound in realistic HD Resolution

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Users reviews

Chanelle S (fr)

Very funny and goofy

Cody B (jp)

Features some worthwhile moments with Marlon Brando at Cowboy

Danny S (br)

Real pity. Speed 2 has all of the cheese and terrible acting of the first film, but without the taut action and suspense

David Ray G (jp)

Other than that, it's a nice film. Its concept will be understood better by British

Dominic S (gb)

Were the World Mine, I give you a 60%. This musical fantasy film is fantastic but the acting could've used some work. He manages to concoct the purple flower mentioned in the play, this flower having the power to turn anyone gay and makes them attracted to the first person they see of the same sex. Timothy is an openly gay high school senior with low self esteem who gets the lead role in his all male academy's production of Midsummer's Night's Dream. An interesting story that corresponds with the lgbt community and how homophobes really create a hurtful mark on gay people because of their remarks

Ellie L (de)

till somewhat entertaining. but just didn't really see much. . . true stories should hold a higher value. only got more interesting towards the end. . . Wasn't really paying attention to the movie

John S (ca)

Overall, Warriors Two is an awesome experience with halfway decent storytelling and comedy but with exemplary fight scenes. And the story is mostly just ordinary. The comedy isn't nearly as bad as some of the worst of the genre though and actually manages to garner quite a few laughs. The jaw-dropping fight scenes is among the best of the era and is a strong merit of the film despite the frustrating demerits such as the typically cheesy kung fu comedy and the uninteresting story

Lety C (ca)

Triste y cruda realidad mexicana

Nick U (jp)

Liked it, didn't love it. Excellent cast but nothing new from a historical perspective. Starz 410A good movie that was able to capture the emotion in Parkland after JFK was shot. . 9/4/14

Phil D (it)

Not bad for a low bugdet horror sequel would of like andrew lee potts to of survied who played kyle hes a good english actor