Deepsea Challenge 3D

Deepsea Challenge 3D

Described as being a film about determination, danger and the ocean’s greatest depths, James Cameron's "Deepsea Challenge 3D" tells the story of Cameron’s journey to fulfill his boyhood dream of becoming an explorer. The movie offers a unique insight into Cameron's world as he makes that dream reality – and makes history – by becoming the first person to travel solo to the deepest point on the planet.

A 3D documentary chronicling filmmaker James Cameron's diving expeditions in his Deepsea Challenger submersible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deepsea Challenge 3D torrent reviews

Lucy H (br) wrote: Interesting take on the sordid affair

Katherine Kelly E (us) wrote: Bad movie....... But not the worst I've seen :o)

Jim S (jp) wrote: Slow, relaxed, nice to watch, great believable cast with lovely dirty fingernails. Nothing much happens, except a family leave their entire life behind on a promise of a better one, departing 1904 Sicily for the USA. Probably a good family movie for older kids interested in their family story? The touches of surrealism-dream somehow work perfectly. I find that quite interesting, give the gritty realism of the rest of the movie. The one bit that didn't work for me was the journey on the boat. A storm made me giggle, as the cast ran from side to side, like on Star Trek under attack. There was no sense of panic or doom that I could believe, not like all those other sea movies. But all in all it was fascinating. Though a famly movie, and a PG, it has some rather suggestive and indeed pervy bits which might raise an eyebrow, but they are quickly over. I mean the boy roaming the women's bunks at night - sniffing. Deeply.

sarah w (it) wrote: run away fast from this it curse is that it will make u wish that u where being chased by a mummy as that would be more fun than sitting though an hour and a half of this

Audun V (kr) wrote: Dolphs sitat "From sweden like me" nr han omtaler Carl Gustav rakettkasteren er grunn nok til se denne kvalitetsfilmen!

Anna B (it) wrote: I think I finally get the Kate Winslet hype? She is fucking hilarious in this. That tiny moment when she's explaining her sketch to the art teacher is one of the funniest bits of facial acting I've ever seen. Seems like James Cameron might have turned her into a Serious Actor, which is truly a tragedy. Also, holy shit, Jackson's camera. He didn't move it like this again. And Lynskey ended up in 2 1/2 Men. This thing is an inventory of failed potential! Not really, I'm just in a shitty mood and I really loved this movie.

Dillon L (nl) wrote: a classic still holds up has a lot of heart.

Rebecca T (gb) wrote: It's hard to believe this was William Hurt's first movie role. I guess it makes sense when I consider this was released in 1980. The 80s were William's decade. He was the "It" Guy. He starred in Body Heat, The Bill Chill, Gorky Park, Broadcast News, Children of a Lesser God... I enjoyed seeing him in his prime surrounded by character actors. The movie, hum, it made me think of other shows and movies. I imagine it was groundbreaking then. Now, it seems a bit sentimental. Love conquers all, and all that.Besides William, I enjoyed most the originality of this movie. It was - and I believe still is - unique.

Nolan S (jp) wrote: There isn't much to say against this movie. The throwback to the older, colorless era of movies sets a certain charm, and the strong cast is so perfectly blended it's hard to imagine the original Frankenstein without them. The wit is as sharp as a new steak knife, and the laughs keep on giving throughout the movie. This is Gene Wilder at his best.

monsieur r (ag) wrote: Mismatched pair Loren and Perkins are not only mismatched as cast for this film but mismatched in their marriage. Black and white early 60's film. Still, a better movie than anything made after the year 2000. Sophia Loren in her finest is made to act with limp, unromantic and anti-romantic Anthony Perkins, decidely the most love lost pair on the planet. Perkins is just about as weird and robot like a character it gets. Set in Paris... A pushy, neurotic American (Anthony Perkins) convinces his terrified wife (Sophia Loren) to do a scam to collect his $120,000 life insurance when it's assumed that he has been killed in a plane crash. But there's a catch, of course... Cast Jean-Pierre Aumont Sophia Loren Anthony Perkins Gig Young Crew Cinematographer: Henri Alekan Director: Anatole Litvak Producer: Anatole Litvak Composer: Mikis Theodorakis Screenplay: Peter Viertel Producer: Louis Wipf Screenplay: Hugh Wheeler

Paul D (au) wrote: Solid second sequel without actually offering up much new.

Tom R (au) wrote: Super cool. You haven't seen many movies like this. Superb performances in a taut, yet twisty-turny, constantly surprising thriller.

Rosa H (us) wrote: This is one of the best movies I have seen in a while. MUST WATCH. The plot, the music, the lyrics the acting