A drifter comes to the town of Deepwater and is seduced into a twisted game of deceit and murder.

A drifter comes to the town of Deepwater and is seduced into a twisted game of deceit and murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deepwater torrent reviews

Carl T (kr) wrote: The interwoven stories of these characters become too tiresome to care about the film's final epiphany.

Austin L (nl) wrote: This movie sucked..the characyers were horrible..the death scnenes were horrible..the movie was horrible

Angie L (fr) wrote: I din't like it because it was so boring and absurd. It was a miracle that I didn't fall asleep while I watched it.

John C (mx) wrote: Secret Things is nothing more than a stylish Cinemax soft-porn. The fact that it tries to be more makes it even worse. The plot could make for a good film... two desperate working class women looking to make a better life for themselves attempt to climb the economic ladder by seducing men at work. As expected they get more than they bargained for. There is lots of nudity, sex and you can throw in an orgy and insest as well. If you are looking for an erotic film, save time and watch late night Cinemax... its more to the point and it doesn't bother with a pretentious attitude.

Olle H (gb) wrote: A great suspenseful horror film ruined by a lackluster ending.

King L (mx) wrote: Good, whimsical, funny and tongue-in-cheek unlike other movies about a post-apocalyptic world. Usually movies of this type are dark and serious or they are bad, silly and low-budget. In this story an asteroid hits the earth and turns everything into desert. Water becomes very valuable resource and it's controlled by an evil mega-corporation led by a madman played by Malcolm McDowall. Lori Petty and a very young and dark haired Naomi Watts plays the 2 characters who oppose him.

Jeff K (es) wrote: David Hasslehoff plays a character called boner. It's a fricken priceless film. Lots of dancing, sophmoric pranks, nudity from young cheerleaders, and comedic panty resuscitation. It's one of those B-movie gems.

Daniel C (ag) wrote: This was a genuinely funny movie that managed to be potently topical.