The struggle of a woman to save his husband and family from the curse of wealth and a man thinking that wealth will bring him all the happiness.

The struggle of a woman to save his husband and family from the curse of wealth and a man thinking that wealth will bring him all the happiness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deewaangee torrent reviews

Elvin K (br) wrote: Two of the stars above are for Tang Wei alone, I understand her now :)

Alper A (gb) wrote: Arkadaslar bu yarm yldzda bas roldeki kzn vcudu iin veriyorum ;) Film be? para etmez :)

Emily P (ru) wrote: Just a kind of love story that makes every girl cried for it.It's so stupid but you just cried for it...

Jax M (au) wrote: Actually really digging this flick

John M (ag) wrote: Lots of laughs that eventually become slowed down near the end. Steve Coogan is brilliant. He can take the stupidest joke and make it hilarious just with his facial expressions. It's not a brilliant movie overall, but worth watching especially if you're a fan of Coogan.

Tamiya B (ru) wrote: not that great of a movie at all very boring. i watched about 25 minutes and turned it off.

Kyle W (kr) wrote: did anyone think while watching this, "when the hell did this turn into home alone 5?" because it truely did. a kid saw his mom supposedly cheating on his dad with santa clause and tried to set traps to catch santa and cancel christmas. it just reminded me of a bad version of home alone. the plot was boring, acting terrible, one of the worst christmas films i've ever seen. and what is it with the kid in this film? cole and dylan sprouse, if one isn't annoying then the other is. the worst kid to possibly cast in a film like this. i was so mad watching him. just overall bad. glad it was over when it hit credits, but it was almost 2 hours long. way too long, for a simple plot that could of made home alone, jack frost, and jingle all the way look bad.

Mark A (au) wrote: Badass cult classic...

Jack B (ru) wrote: totally underated. the director's ending completes the story, without it, there are questions.

Lee H (us) wrote: Years before Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, Stephen Chow stars as Ling Ling Chai in this James Bond spoof. Still remains my favourite of his movies.

Matthew S (es) wrote: The infamous "Fellini Satyricon" is most likely the best example of Federico Fellini's strange, magical, excessive and unique visionary style. The iconic movie is based on Petronius' "Satyricon" which is considered the first novel of literary history. This is a very loose adaptation and it is so bold and strange it is fitting that Fellini included his name as a part of the film's title. Like the historic literary work, the film is equally fragmented into a series of chapters -- many of which Fellini felt were "missing" in Petronisus' work. The film almost appears to be mocking the idea of "mysticism" as much as it seems to embrace the idea. We follow the story of one apparently gay man searching for the boy who "owns" his heart, love and devotion. The boy has been stolen by a former pal out of spite. It would be unfair and untrue to say that this is a gay film. The sexuality displayed in "Fellini Satyricon" is a mere fact. Sex appears to be a commodity and a holy sacrament. The object of sexual gratification is not limited to labels of sexual identity or identity in of itself. This is a world of hedonism and insanity. Or is it?One of the most puzzling aspects of this film's legacy is that it has emerged as an "accidental" reenactment of Emperor Nero's Imperial Rome Era. More than a few historical scholars have noted that what Fellini shows us comes close to capturing what many imagine that era to have been. This is a masterpiece with a scope that extends far beyond the reach of cinematic ideas and perceptions. The movie is firm in it's stance to mock, shock and be as strange as it can be. It works. There will only ever be one Federico Fellini and there will ever only be one Fellini Satyricon. A Cinematic Masterwork not to be missed or denied.

Ujala K (kr) wrote: I just watched this movie and it is the best older movies that I have ever liked.

Henry H (ru) wrote: So I'm watching the ending now with Val Kil -- oh, I'm sorry. I don't mean to give anything away. Or do I? Do I even care? Is this movie even worth the trouble of giving away the ending to...? of...? I don't know how to end that sentence. Okay, so that Matrix Chickie is in this movie. What's herrrrrr... Carrie-Anne Moss! That's it. So.. she's in sexy space outfits inside a lot of tunnels and various rooms with views of space outside the windows for the majority of the movie. I think that was probably my favorite part. All those scenes. Although, another part of thinks seeing her with *anyone* outside of Keanu in *anything* futuristic is just.. cheating. In a nutshell, this film didn't really do anything for me. It may have been fun to think about (spoiler alert!) us landing on Mars and, oh my god, we can breathe! But... yes. I saw it on the SyFy channel which, appropriately, viewed more like a SyFy Channel-created movie than a big budget theatrical release sci-fi motion picture. If you must see this, check your local cable listings before you go renting any DVDs or pony up $5 (Why???) at the local Walmart video bin.