Bollywoods take on Primal Fear (1996). Though it copies the Hollywood version for most of the first half of the film, the second half is entirely original (though its more an outcome of 2 requirements of the Hindi movies: 1)Nearing the 3 hour mark instead of the 2 hour duration preferred by Hollywood & 2)Good should always prevail over the bad)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   murder,   chase,  

Raj Goyal (Akshaye Khanna) is a renowed and successful attorney. At a musical party he is introduced to Sargam (Urmila Matondkar) by Ashwin Mehta (Vijayendra Ghatge). The next day Ashwin is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deewangee torrent reviews

Nick D (ca) wrote: I saw this at TIFF, and it was pretty AWSOME

Greg L (au) wrote: I really loved this movie. I thought it was better (in some ways) than Napoleon Dynamite.

Casey R (nl) wrote: Pretty good movie although it is mostly fictional. It's better than the movie "Imortal Beloved" which also follows the story of Beethoven.

Wes S (it) wrote: Entertaining and action packed. The animation is pretty nice, and the story line is decent enough. Overall, an enjoyable animated Batman movie.

Jordan S (fr) wrote: Two things Alec Baldwin should never ever do: 1) leave messages on his daughter's phone and 2) direct movies

Nanna P (ag) wrote: "Hips,lips,tits; woman power,use it."(Milla Jovovich)

Ken T (es) wrote: A stunningly beautiful film about the lives of Flower Girls (prostitutes - though Flower Girls certainly hold a different social standing) and their male callers in Shanghai. The film has less an actual story - it seem more to peer into the lives of these people circa 1884 and give a visual exposition of that era. Mostly the story deals with the great actor Tony Leung's character of Wang and his being torn between two Flower Girls named Jasmin and Crimson. There is also Luo (Jack Kao) who wishes to free his love Emerald from the confines of this world. And there is the rather awkward relationship of two young lovers Zhu and Jade who commit themselves to each other. Hou almost always focuses on the narrative elements of the story rather than any action - either sexual or violence. Instead he embeds Flowers of Shanghai with the complications of these relationships, which begin with likely the most intimate of reasons, but the societal rules coupled with that of the rules of the Flower Houses turn things quite complicated. The story observes that these girls are bought when they are 7 or 8 years old and must have their freedom bought for them. Hou uses a mounted camera that swivels ever so slowly to capture the action - this enables him to acquire outstanding shots of the tremendous art direction and makes wonderful use of the beautiful lighting (heaving in yellow and red tones). All shots are extended takes taking in the entirety of the scene and allows the viewer to take in all the interaction of the characters - particularly of note is during the drinking games played with the gentlemen callers. It is noted that the entire film is indoors, allowing the viewer only access to this inner world of Flower Girls. Little is known about the outside world except what is stated. Flowers of Shanghai is a beautiful but demanding film that requires multiple viewings from a cinematic master.

Jessica N (kr) wrote: Fabulous cast to portray this complicated story. Wonderful film!

Ash E (au) wrote: I oddly LOVED this sick twisted movie! I can't really explain it, but I loved the chemistry between Julie Roberts and John Malkovich. The forbidden tension, it was delicious in a very sick and twisted way.

Jeffrey B (ag) wrote: It starts off in one direction. Than the story goes in another. Than at the end back to the beginning. Is that the only radio station in Detroit? If you can't stand it . Change it

Muffin M (jp) wrote: I own this in a four movie pack along with:* Cold Sweat (1970)* Red Sun (1971)* Death Hunt (1981)

Ted W (us) wrote: Good memorable book to movie adaptation starring people I don't know because I'm young and this movie came out in the 1950s or before that, I don't know. I like the story and how they show it but if they just coulda had some color, at least Technicolor, wizard of oz did it , why couldn't this do it to. I like the acting from the child actors but man, you can tell that they're just reading off a script, the kids don't have talent unlike the guy who plays atticus, scouts father, he does or I should say shows how good of an actor he is and that he cares for the role and he does a fantastic job.

George P (nl) wrote: MotoGP documentary, very upbeat great soundtrack.

Pavandeep S (fr) wrote: An interesting film that has a fantastic central vignette and explores what it is that makes a person but leaves us with plenty of questions as well,