Defiant Requiem

Defiant Requiem

A memorial concert reawakens the story of an artistic uprising in the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin, where a chorus of 150 inmates confronts the Nazis face-to-face - and sings to them what they dare not say.

A memorial concert reawakens the story of an artistic uprising in the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin, where a chorus of 150 inmates confronts the Nazis face-to-face - and sings to them what they dare not say. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip L (ca) wrote: Incredibly bad right-wing propaganda film is so ridiculously pompous and self-righteous that it inspires more laughter than reverence for its premise, the largely-imaginary War on Christmas that seems to obsess Fox News devotees. Devoted to supposedly dire events that have never, ever happened in this country - a war hero mayor being fired for putting up Christmas decorations - the film ultimately denigrates and trivializes the sacrifices of real-life veterans in service of a script so offensively dumb that only the most vapid and paranoid of viewers will find any satisfaction in this lugubrious turd.

Brandon F (ca) wrote: I really thought this movie was really good! Great work!

Mike L (au) wrote: Really enjoyable movie. As a horror buff I didn't see much for this but to my surprise it was better than expected. Overall it was clich, the characters were absolutely lifeless and had nothing interesting to them but the scares were done right and the atmosphere was set almost perfectly. This is a stylish horror film that I think most will enjoy if they don't expect TOO much. Just take it for what it is and allow yourself to be scared. This movie has bland actors but it does scares very well and for a horror movie that's all I'm at least hoping for

April G (de) wrote: Loved it. She kicked ass and loved...on her terms.

James S (de) wrote: 2012 was the year of multiple (alright, two) Snow White movies at the cinema. I didn't see either but I would hope that they were a bit better than this poor, horror fantasy style effort. While this does lean closer to the original Grimm fairy tale than the singing and dancing Disney version, that doesn't necessarily mean it makes for a better film. In fact, it makes for a largely dull and confusingly toned film. Sam Neill, phoning it in big time, is charmed by the seductive evilness of Claudia Hoffman - a pantomime Sigorney Weaver - much to the displeasure of his daughter Lilli, a pre-Dawson's Creek, looking about 12, Monica Keena. When Lady Hoffman's child dies at birth, she is sent on a tirade of black magic and jealousy against her poor step daughter for reasons that really don't seem all that strong, other than she's a bit of a bitch. A Tale of Terror is confusing blend of horror themes (at times incest and raising the dead are hinted at) and there is certainly plenty of blood throughout but the rest of the time the film skirts around a silly romance story between Lilli and Will, the head of the dwarves who aren't dwarves in this film. Weaver and Keena have some nice moments together. Weaver is very good at playing the evil queen in this type of thing, even when her material is so bad. She is easily the best thing about the film, able to convey her wickedness by merely opening her eyes. Keena has been miscast. She's much better at playing a bad girl, or running away from Freddy and Jason in their joint venture. She does okay but she's no Snow White. Largely due to it's mixed tone and not knowing whether it wants to go fully dark and revolting, the film doesn't engage with it's audience and feels flat most of the time. There are some good moments when Weaver is unleashing her black magic powers and an odd cool demise but these moments are scarce and the exceptions rather than the norm in a movie that, sadly, just doesn't work.

Fly S (kr) wrote: A great movie that tells the story of the one and only Ed Wood and tells viewers that visions are worth fighting for and make something yours

Saku N (mx) wrote: I enjoyed it up until the last act then it just got confusing...I might watch it again.

Kyle K (ag) wrote: More than likely an unpopular opinion, and more than likely people will call me insane or media illiterate for this review. I admit to being insane; I tend to like movies that a majority of people don't. But hear me out.Carrie, starring a young Chlo Grace Moretz as the title character, is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name, and they are both based on Stephen King's hit horror novel of the same name (it also spawned a 2002 TV film that never expanded into a series). I admit to the 2013 adaptation to being the only form of 'Carrie' I ever watched or read, and that's probably why I love this movie.I don't know very much about the other adaptations, but I'm sure that if I did/was a major fan of the series(?), I would have similar opinions to the actual fans.I do, however, know that people are disappointed by this movie because there was a lot cut out (there is/was a petition for an extended cut to be released) and by the fact that Carrie looks nothing like she was described in the book. But, let's be honest, who's gonna watch a movie with a hideous main character?The reason I love this movie so much is because I'm completely new to it (and even the horror genre), so I know nothing about it so I have nothing to be salty about for this movie in regards to the original material. And I'm almost sure that many other people who are new to Carrie and horror would feel the same, if not similar.As a horror movie, it has plenty of tropes that you'd expect in one: some sort of curse, teens being bitches, teens having sex. Actually... let me rephrase that: some sort of curse, and teens being teens. Plus a ton of death and blood.As a movie itself - imagine it as it's own stand-alone movie - it's got a character you can feel emotions for, it's got characters you can hate, it's got an antagonist, etc... I'm just blabbering at this point, let me get straight to the main reasons.The movie is dark, brooding and bloody. Carrie's shyness, creepiness and fear are portrayed brilliantly by Moretz and Julianne Moore makes an excellent religious, self-harming, insane mother. And the movie puts a lot of focus on their relationship, but not too much so it's just another family drama. And a lack of jumpscares (or at least it's not reliant on them, let alone major ones) brings a welcome feeling to what most horror movies were in 2013. It's just creepy, and still makes you feel very uncomfortable at many parts - particularly when Margaret White (Carrie's mother) scratches herself or stabs herself in the thigh. I felt many emotions and feelings while watching this movie (excluding my newly found celebrity crush on Moretz) and I'm pretty sure that's what the goal was. As a completely new take on the original film and the source book - or if you're just viewing any 'Carrie' material for the first time - you really don't know what to expect.Of course, though, the highlight of the film is obviously the prom scene. Where the death starts. More than halfway into the film, Tommy dies after being accidentally hit in the head by a bucket after a prank gone wrong after Carrie get's drenched in blood (as a result of the prank) after he and Carrie get nominated prom King and Queen. ("After" is my word of the day now) That's when shit goes wrong, Carrie fully embraces the powers (which I have forgotten to mention throughout this whole review - she has telekinetic powers which she discovers) and goes "fuck you" on all the teens and some teachers (while saving/sparing Miss Desjardin - because she was kind to her - before electrocuting most survivors). It's notably more brutal and exciting than the other prom scene adaptations (I have seen those particular parts on YouTube).Blah, blah, blah. I can't go on too much as I'm limited to so many words, a lot of people will probably disagree with me provided anyone even reads this review of a 4 year old movie.All I do know is that the end (with Sue Snell providing a statement as a voice-over as she places a rose on Carrie's grave) makes me want a sequel so fucking bad... I'm probably gonna cry if they don't make one. Carrie is still alive, fucking do something with the fact!Ugh... anyway. I recommend this movie to any new horror movie goers, anyone new to 'Carrie' (most people would recommend the book and 1976 movie first and I wouldn't blame them).I know that a lot of people wouldn't agree with me, but a 48% score on Rotten Tomatoes (44% Audience score) does tell me that there are some people that can appreciate this movie.To conclude: This has definitely reached the list of one of my favourite movies (despite the fact that I'm not a complete horror movie fan - mainly because of jumpscares and their reliance of them). I'm NOT gonna watch the 1976 version (might watch the 2002 version) and might read the book... but the only reason I'm reluctant is because I love this movie so much that if I do, I'll change my opinion of it.Nevertheless, give it a shot. It might be worth it.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Smartly written and well-acted, Robert Redford's Quiz Show brings up some moral issues around its compelling real-life story.

Thomas C (gb) wrote: A fun, if unnecessary coda to a great series. Very different in style and structure, with a few moments of comedy. Definitely the weakest in the series.

Stephanie F (it) wrote: Some of the DVD was unwatchable.But the rest was funny.