Two different social classes get together at a family gathering in Mexico. Based on the TV project "Ruta 32".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:bare chested male,  

Two different social classes get together at a family gathering in Mexico. Based on the TV project "Ruta 32". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hoddie C (nl) wrote: Well filmed and potentially interesting documentary hijacked by almost laughable "on my gap year travelling yah" commentry from the film maker and ridiculous MTV / car advert / music video segments ruin the great collection of speakers and interviewee's points of view. Less wanky music vid shots and more of the dialogue would have made a genuinely good film, but the excellent collected "talking heads" are reduced to sound bites mixed into awful dire straits guitar solos or trancey club music. What a wasted resource.

Dacia P (ru) wrote: Very thought provoking, great movie!

JuanKa P (de) wrote: Un grupo de estudiantes han sido individualmente rechazados por sus bajas notas y mediocridad de cada universidad a la que han aplicado. Ante la imposibilidad de educarse a un nivel superior y por miedo a enfadar y decepcionar a sus padres deciden montar una universidad falsa en un hospital mental abandonado. Con las actuacione de Justin Long y Jonah Hill.

Terri H (fr) wrote: Seems like an okay cast..

Shawn W (ru) wrote: David Sloan befriends two street kids while in Rio for an exhibition match. When the young girl is kidnapped to be sold in the sex trade he takes it upon himself to rescue her. Solid entry in a rapidly expanding series.

Kieran F (de) wrote: Its a good children's movie with a loving story and good acting by Rodney Dangerfield. Its not a film meant for adults but kids should definitively find it enjoyable

Tim L (us) wrote: Well ... I must say, though the story is not quite complicated, its implications can be quite interesting. Some possible themes include: sex vs./ or/ and love; individualistic conception of good life vs. relational conception of good life; invisible God and the role of conscience, and more.

Josh O (ru) wrote: A great story of loss and the inability to piece things back together.

Jim F (it) wrote: A movie that lives up to it's title.

Tylor B (mx) wrote: Yes I watched this & idk why I did

Ted W (nl) wrote: I love it!! It's so funny and crazy. Love animal movies!

Jose Luis M (de) wrote: Cuatro estrellas por su magnifica fotografa y la direccin de Jacques Torneur, pero la pelcula me decepcion no llega a los niveles de Cat People, la historia no llega a desarrollarse y queda como una simple ancdota.