Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity

Cassandra, a mute runaway girl, takes refuge in the cemetery in which her mother is laid to rest. She is watched over by Jorge, the cemetery caretaker, an illegal alien who is committed to the restoration of a classic '60 cadillac hearse. Shore is a dynamic, handsome, and brilliant young man who also happens to be homeless. After almost hitting Cassandra in his dilapidated VW bus, he becomes fascinated by the gothic cemetery waif and attempts to befriend her. A sequence of events results in Cass getting lost. Jorge and Shore flee the cemetery in a stolen hearse to find Cassandra before her abusive step-father does. All paths lead to Yermo - the site of a roadside diner and a feisty but compassionate transvestite waitress named Lola.

Cassandra, a mute runaway girl, takes refuge in the cemetery in which her mother is laid to rest. She is watched over by Jorge, the cemetery caretaker, an illegal alien who is committed to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graeme F (ca) wrote: A man is surprised when his cancer (in human form) comes to live with him! And yes, it's a comedy. This is the most bizarre film I've seen at this year's French Film Festival; the blackest of black comedy. It's a remarkable movie, but too dark for my taste... even with the surprise ending.

samuel j (kr) wrote: A remarkably refreshing piece of storytelling. The performances are fearless and the direction is flawless. Truly moving and beautiful.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: amazing footage a little slow in parts

Katelyn M (mx) wrote: One of the very rare best sequels ever made. I had doubts before I saw this movie but now I love it.

Miguel R (nl) wrote: When it seemed that it couldn't get any worse, 102 Dalmatians is made: a horrible film that you end up wondering why it was made in the first place

Jesus C (mx) wrote: Take a minute to fully appreciate that movie poster. THIS was a thing. I remember seeing this as a kid when it came out and thinking it sucked. But now, I wish I was blasted when I rewatch this 90's gem. There's sooooo many WTF moments (refer back to movie poster for example)

Dan B (mx) wrote: Diptych of Poe stories by a revered pair of horror masters, though the adaptations appear to owe more to EC than EAP. Romero(TM)s entry betrays its origins as a TV project, seemingly following the aesthetic of a minor episode of Friday the 13th: The Series and feels padded and lacklustre until the closing stages. Argento(TM)s Black Cat has sharper claws (and a remarkably committed beret-wearing Harvey Keitel in the lead), though again, about 15 minutes less would probably have been more. Still, there are some decent Savini effects and it will undoubtedly be of interest to fans (though being fans they(TM)ve almost certainly already seen it).

Glen G (ru) wrote: Best English Bull Terrier ever!!!!

Matthew S (es) wrote: I can remember the sense of excitement I had when I was able to see it. I can also remember the shock of seeing Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb approach their respective roles in such a vitally realistic way. It was not what I expected from an Alex Cox movie. But what he delivered was so much more than I thought he could do. The film itself is often truly gutting, but just as you feel like you're sliding into a cinematic hole of darkness -- Chole Webb would desperately growl out a line like, "What about the farewell drugs?" or "AAGGHH! I look like fuckin' Stevie Nicks in hippie clothes!" --- and we'd be temporarily pulled back up into dark comic genius. It is the constant mix of harsh realism, dark comedy and surrealism that allows the viewer to survive the experience of the film and the two performances that never ring false. Even then, I knew that much of what I saw on the screen was realistically done -- but not truth. No one really knows what went down in that room at The Chelsea Hotel. But anyone who was into PUNK or aware of The Sex Pistols "story" would never be able to buy the idea that Sid Vicious could have murdered Nancy Spungen. Actually it would have been more believable for her to have murdered him. Alex Cox knew PUNK better than most and he knew this too. He never intended to offer "truth." He was articulating not the tragic lives of two junkies, but paying homage to an idea. Sid & Nancy is less about the "reality" of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen as it is about the "idea" of what they came to represent. Cox is applying his ideas to form another level to the legend of these two misfits who managed to find some very limited success. 26 years later, Sid & Nancy remains a potent examination of co-dependancy, addiction, despair, self-loathing, loneliness and true human horror. But in between all of these profoundly dire moments there is a great deal of twisted comedy. It is impossible not to laugh as Sid & Nancy navigate their way through the mayhem and chaos they often create. Cox even manages to inject some clever uses of Surrealism. I'm fairly certain that the original title for this movie was "Love Kills" but that became the tag line used to promote the movie. And of course, the idea of love as killer can be taken more ways than one. It is an odd film that captures the after-effects of PUNK while still maintaining the PUNK ideals. Cox's earlier movie, Repo Man, was actually the more PUNK movie. This film is more of a sadly comic ode to a quickly fading memory of an idea that never managed to fully form. And it is unforgettable. Even while it does not present a true depiction of the infamous couple, it is close enough. It is a fascinating, grim and often funny trip of a movie. It also contains two truly incredible performances. Brilliant. A must see movie. Now, how do spell "holiday?"

Will H (fr) wrote: This movie that has four of the great horror stars (the one they don't list is John Carradine) and yet it is a terrible disappointment. The script is terrible and the direction is flat. It's really only worth watching if you're a huge fan of the actors involved. Two stars for seeing these guys all in one movie, but that's really the only good thing.

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Ashley H (it) wrote: Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a decent film. It is about the sole survivor of an interplanetary rescue mission who searches for the only survivor of the previous expedition. James Franciscus and Kim Hunter give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Ted Post did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the action and adventure.

Jos A (au) wrote: Divertidisima comedia sobre los topicos espaoles y la idea que teniamos de los americanos en esa epoca. Una autentica joya

Guillaume H (au) wrote: Hollywood epic at its best, unfolds like storybook for children and western for grown up, with breathtaking scenery, and top notch performance, especially debbie Reynolds who is so bubbly in there her scenes pop with cheers in your face, and henry Fonda who embodies a certain type of legend to perfection, always going past his polished nature to bring out something more organic.

Corey W (mx) wrote: The setting is so beautiful that you sometimes forget there's any danger at all in the wide open west.