Degree of Murder

Degree of Murder

When a young woman accidentally kills her ex-lover during a fight, she decides to conceal the body. Unfortunately, however, our anti-hero is less than honorable and becomes involved with not one but both of the men she finds to help her with his disposal at a construction site. And that's just one of the problems this little case of murder and deception starts.

After accidentally shooting dead her ex-lover during a fight, Marie enlists the help of a stranger, Gunther, and his friend, Fritz, to dispose of the body while becoming intimate with both men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paula S (br) wrote: Hardcore intense drama. A little slow, but I loved it :)

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Matt H (jp) wrote: Solid Eastwood film, was even able to overlook my usual dislike of Shirley MacLaine.