Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

A writer who believes that he was reincarnated believes that his present fiancée possesses the soul of his fiancée in his previous life, a ballerina.

A choreographer who believes that he was reincarnated believes that his present wife possesses the soul of his wife in his previous wife, a ballerina. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (mx) wrote: It seems that in the world of giant monster movies coming from Japan, the industry is ruled by two: Godzilla and the lesser known Gamera. For those that do not know of Gamera, Gamera is a giant turtle who has acquired the ability to fly and eats and shoots fire. Like Godzilla, the orginal monster eventually turned into a good guy...becoming movies suited for children. Also like Godzilla, Gamera took some major time off. Then came the 1990's when Gamera returned in what was a very good Japanese monster movie. The character was refined, the special effects improved, and Gamera was on the loose. When Gamera returned, he saved the world from the flying ugly iron-headed lizard birdies called Gauss, yet those silly humans kept trying to shoot him down. Silly humans. Well, evidently Gamera passed on after the second movie in the 90's (not too sure on the date). Then came the next...the current, where a child finds a Gamera egg, and we get to watch the little tortoise turn into a big one. This movie tries very hard to be an arts film. Many scenes of slow motions and children (lots of children) running with a very important item for the big turtle. Unlike the earlier Gamera film, this movie tries not to pass itself off as children acting as interpreters of Gamera so the silly gown ups know what's going on, the children of this movie take a much more active roll in the plot as well as Gamera's survival. The most annoying thing is the change of Gamera's look. The head has been softened quite a bit. I am sure that this is to make Gamera look more friendly (good guy vs. bad) and less scary to children. Take if from the producers of the Godzilla flix...that does not work. Bring back the original roar and the more fierce look. If you are a fan of Gamera, you will love this movie. If you do not like such films, don't waste your time. Oh...one last thing. The producers of Godzilla and Gamera really should get over their egos and create a film together. The followers would go absolutely nuts over the bad guy (Godzilla) vs. the good guy (Gamera) battle.

Ernst M (ru) wrote: I feel bad because I try to be someone who doesn't typecast an actor when they do something outside of they are known for but it just seemed weird watching Radcliffe on screen. That being said it was a decent story with decent acting.

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Not bad. Kind of a generic 90s horror film. Could have been much better, especially with Guillermo del Toro at the helm. That being said, it's a decent film. Random complaint, but I wish that the lighting was better here. It's so hard to see what's going on sometimes.

Manda C (nl) wrote: Average film that tends to lag towards the end. Jared Leto almost pulls off the Irish accent.

Tim W (nl) wrote: It's Home Alone, without the charm or humour

Asa B (au) wrote: Absolutely bonkers! I don't get it and I really don't want to.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: a shot for shot same dialogue remake of high sierra with palance & winters stepping in the bogart & ida lupino parts even same writier and I saw both back 2 back and i have to go with the original.

Laura L (ag) wrote: Absolutely love this movie! I rarely buy movies, but this one is a definite need-to-buy. The main theme really makes you think about what you would do if stuck in the situation and the film storyboard artist portrayed the story very well.