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Kim S (gb) wrote: Interesting story. It is a slow starter and for the most part a little hard to follow because the movie bounces back and forth between his family time, his tour of duty and the apocalyptic times. Just keep with it, because it does come together in the end, although I did manage to figure it out before hand and it shouldn't be hard for most to as well. Its a hard pill to swallow knowing that its a form of reality for some of our vets. Shia LaBeouf did a great job and he definitely carried the movie. It is an interesting story- but because its somewhat of a low budget film the affects fell short. Definitely worth the watch- just have a little patience with it. as it builds up.

Bill F (ru) wrote: Guess What? Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Garry A (nl) wrote: Watchable but instantly forgettable creature feature.

Jessica20 R (jp) wrote: The ABCs of Death is a hilariously terrifying romp through the alphabet, it gives a peek inside twenty six amazing directors' minds. From A to Z this film has highs of terror such as a naughty couples' nightmare coming true (bigfoot) and then delves into humor with characters like furry nazi strippers (hydrogen electrocution) and two film directors stuck with the dubious honor of the letter Q (Quack!). Each director is radically different, through the filmography that is used, cartoons that were drawn, even to the very language, the directors were pooled from all over the world and it shows in the styles that are each used. spoiler warning! One of the episodes shows a kittie having its head smashed by a hooker in heels doing a photo shoot for her john.

Frances S (us) wrote: Autumn Ball had some problems. It also had some really beautiful, even arresting images, a gorgeous soundtrack, some good characters, and some occasionally heartfelt writing. The trouble was that these positives never seemed to coincide. At times when the images/actions of the characters are epic and aesthetically pleasing, the writing is not strong enough to justify these actions or make them seem sincere. At times when the soundtrack builds to a roaring intensity, no one is doing anything to justify the drama. Tension is built only to be interrupted by weak comedy or comedy is built only to be pushed aside by jarring violence and ugliness (for the sake of ugliness). An arrogant architect who looks like Blixa Bargeld does a spasmic dance in a Lynchian ballroom/restaurant after his girlfriend leaves him. A man who looks like Patrick Bateman (i.e. Christian Bale in his Patrick Bateman role) attempts to connect with women but always falls short of their expectations, then starts to bash up a director of romantic comedies (wryly funny, I suppose) endlessly to the point of being a bloody dead pulp (kind of fucked up). Also it did that thing that movies do that intend to shock you; starting with violence and horridness before you??ve had a chance to even begin to care about the characters.But a bigger problem with Autumn Ball was its sexist and morally ambiguous subtext. The Patrick Bateman character was a Doorman and point-scorer who had a list of over 200 women he had slept with, however each of the women rejected him in a more fundamental way. Finally he found a woman he really liked, and she really seemed to like him, however after finding out that he had no financial future, she went back to her arrogant (rich) architect boyfriend. Shortly afterwards, he murdered some random guy for being an arsehole/romantic comedy director. Another guy, who??d almost killed his girlfriend at the start of the film when she tried to leave him, spent most of the movie drunk and occasionally harassing women. Is he supposed to be a sympathetic character? At the end of the movie the girlfriend goes back to him and helps him clean up the apartment which he has ransacked while she??s been gone. Women are portrayed as motivated by money, weak, and in need of a man. Only one of the female characters has a recognisable profession (um, factory worker, and presumably this is punishment for her leaving her abusive and alcoholic husband, who is also portrayed sym[pathetically] as slapstick funny drunk guy), although all of the male men are defined as such. Men are portrayed as in need of a woman also, but when rejected they behave violently. As often, the sexist stereotypes end up being just as degrading to men as they are to women.I would believe that the movie is a straight-up critical social commentary (the trouble with Estonian society today etc.) except for the morally ambiguous and unevenly sympathetic portrayal of these people whose behaviour is also inconsistent and sometimes arbitrary. Also the movie??s comedy (far from being absurd) relies on slapstick and cynical bitchiness. Anyway it sounds like I hated it more than I actually did, because it was very beautiful and some of the characters were quite appealing, and the acting was mostly very good. But I think the plot devices were hackneyed and problematic, and the editing/transitions between scenes/moods are badly done.

Ron T (kr) wrote: Cute, sweet coming-of-age gay comedy. I liked it.

Vadim D (us) wrote: Too much melodrama with a decent cast. Seems like a cable tv flick rather than a fully cooked feature. I think the fault is in direction, and perhaps in better hands, it could have been a little better. Otherwise, not memorable a bit.

Cody L (es) wrote: very weak compared to the first. the story isn't as engaging but it has pretty good final girl and it was a treat to see Loretta Devine back. the worst thing about it is the killer and their motive, so fricken stupid.

Leslie R (kr) wrote: It's so bad. It's soooo soooo bad. But it's good. Too many people are blaming the badness on Keanu, but there are so many badly delivered lines that doing that is just scapegoating. It's so bad! My favorite badness is the psychic dolphin. Genius so bad it's good. So long and thanks for all the phish. If you want a feel for some genuine 90s scifi, this is the movie. It's way better than Sharknado!

Garrett C (it) wrote: The depiction of the South is appallingly inaccurate; and the film is underwhelming overall.

victor l (fr) wrote: The film has several ups and several flaws too. Anthony Quinn's performance is amazing and the movie definitely belongs to him. Marlon Brando looked like a mexican, talked like a mexican and played a convincing Zapata. There are parts of the screenplay that are susprinsingly accurate and some other parts that remained vague and confusing. Madero's murder was confusing and lacked some key moments to understand the circumstances and Huerta's treason in a better way.

Thomas P (au) wrote: Fun to see Redford and Pitt playing off each other and having a smirking good time doing it. But it's a fluff movie disguised as something more important, so don't expect too much more.

Teonna B (it) wrote: Ummmmm so I didn't care for this @ all... I ended up turning it off halfway thru...